May Trump’s measures to withhold intelligence from the incoming Biden administration be seen as traitors? May he be held legally chargeable for the harm to our nationwide safety ensuing from his obstruction of a clear, peaceable switch of energy? The conduct he has proven since his “historic” loss to Joe Biden confirms what hundreds of psychologists and eyewitnesses have claimed for his unstable conduct; He’s emotionally and intellectually incapable of being president. The Republican Social gathering is prepared if it helps a Trump 2024 Presidential Run.


There is no doubt that Trump’s behavior has been damaging the United States since he lost the election. What patriotic justification is there for trying to sabotage the effectiveness of a new government? Are these behaviors a sign that he is mentally decompensating? He shows impulsive and vengeful behavior by running a killing spree by homeland security officers and the secret service. Any official who has ever resisted him is a potential target for his anger over losing the election. His claim that he won an election the world knows he lost makes him sound like a “mad king”. With allies and opponents, Trump is the first US president to campaign to suppress voters in order to defraud his re-election offer. In addition, he has legally tried to block certification of legal votes in the swing states where he lost. The damage it is doing to America’s reputation as the strongest and most stable democracy in the world is undeniable. How can American citizens remain loyal and have faith in a president who puts his own ego and thirst for power over loyalty to the Constitution and the well-being of American citizens?

The damage caused by Trump can be far-reaching. His refusal to participate in the peaceful, democratic transfer of power, as all previous 44 US presidents have done, alarms members of the new administration, the military, the intelligence services and our allies. By calling the election “rigged”, Trump is signaling to the world that our democracy is corrupted and that the country is weak and divided. He’s even suing Republican states for demanding fraud and recounts. His aching, irritable behavior creates the image of a chaotic, unstable president who has taken a vengeful approach for his last two months in office. Historically, after a US presidential election, countries that are unfriendly to America look for opportunities that they can take advantage of because the efficient operation of our government has been disrupted.

Particularly outrageous is the president’s refusal to grant the Biden administration access to data on COVID-related issues and foreign policy information. Trump’s failure to address the pandemic has caused COVID-19 to spiral out of control, potentially affecting tens of thousands of people. His anti-mask, anti-science, and normalization of disinformation campaigns have brought together a following of Americans complicit in harming the public health of millions of people and destroying the economy. Unemployment, homelessness and food deprivation can all be attributed to Trump’s utter failure to deal with the pandemic. His complete lack of effort to control the rate of infection has worsened since he lost the election. Shouldn’t any deliberate act by a president that harms the country be viewed as treason?

State after state denies Trump’s lawsuits alleging his attorney failed to produce credible arguments to prove their cases. Trump’s tale of winning the election for extreme electoral fraud is a disinformation campaign to make up for his embarrassment over losing his re-election. Losing about 6,000,000 popular votes and 93 electoral votes is a shame and makes him one of the few presidents for a term in American history. By delegitimizing the elections, Trump is damaging trust in our democracy and our reputation around the world. His need to defend himself against the feeling of losing is so pathological that with the proclamation of “MAGA” he destroyed American democracy and morality with lies and propaganda based on the Russian model.

There has never been a US president as willing as Trump to take harmful measures and spread disinformation, regardless of the damage he will do to the country. He is acting against the best interests of the country. People die, become homeless, and lose their homes while Trump makes gulfs, tweets, false claims of election fraud, and destabilizes our government by firing skilled officials in positions vital to protecting national security. These actions betray his oath to uphold the Constitution and protect American life. Why isn’t that treason?

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