Senate GOP Spox sells Slap Completely happy COVIDiot face masks

While browsing the interwebs today we came across something that makes you laugh or not, probably not, or maybe just for a moment before resenting your personal experience with the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic:

“The governor made me wear this mask!” Are you not amused

GOP Minority Speaker for the Colorado Senate Sage Naumanns Limited-edition bumper stickers celebrating the GOP’s 2019 obstacle campaign were a little funnier than the republican minority’s disruptive antics last year, but sadly, we can’t say that about the pandemic that has now killed over 250,000 Americans. With the Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert This mask cites late lawmakers as the reason for his bellicose caucus to do the right thing in the upcoming special session devoted to COVID relief and appears to be an outrageous mistake.

Unless it’s not. It’s just Republicans playing in front of their diverse audiences!

We do not link to the order page. If you want to sort these mixed messages or buy one of Sage’s masks so you can literally wear your COVIDiocy on your face while your friends and neighbors get sick and die, reach out to the Senate Minority Press Office.

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