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Trump runs and hides from reporters within the White Home

Trump walked away from reporters and went into hiding again as he hasn’t answered a single question since his loss to Joe Biden.


Trump still hasn’t asked reporters a single question since losing the election. Trump walks away as reporters ask questions at an alleged press conference.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 20, 2020

Fox news anchor Bill Hemmer said the network had been waiting to see if there were any questions about what was insincere. There were questions. Reporters asked questions at two different points during the event.

What happened was that Donald Trump refused to answer questions.

There has never been more cowardice on the part of the president in defeat than what Trump puts before the American people. The President railed (for the time being) about Big Pharma, Big Tech and the media that conspired against him during the campaign. He also accused the Democrats of finding ballot papers for Joe Biden.

None of these things are true, and the president’s accountability is important. Any other president would have looked the American people in the eye and admitted defeat. Donald Trump is too much of a child to admit he lost.

He has distorted his own mind with a self-created myth of winning that he cannot cope with the reality of his humiliating defeat.

Trump is running away from the fact that he will now be known as a one-time loser for the rest of the story.

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