Coverage of Help for Pelosi: Crow loses management, new submit created for Neguse

The House Democrats, at the end of their leadership role, created a new post – the fourth co-chair of their Discussion Committee – won unopposed by Joe Neguse of Colorado.

As the appeal describes the completely inconspicuous position and choice:

The caucus also voted by acclamation to elect four co-chairs to the Committee on Democratic Politics and Communications as so many candidates were running.

The body’s job is to send messages for the democratic caucus. All those annoying sentences full of jargon Democrats repeat themselves ad nauseam? That is the work of the staff on this committee.

Who would have thought Neguse was such a master at messaging?

His Twitter page shows that the Boulder Democrat isn’t so much about issues as it is about being grateful, humble, and proud when doing his job.

In other leadership news, MP Jason Crow lost in a three-way race to represent the caucus leadership, a position filled by new members of Congress who have served less than five terms.

Crow made it to the second round of voting, but lost to US Representative Brenda Lawrence from Michigan with 69 to 58 votes.

PeakNation ™ I will remember that Nancy Pelosi found it difficult to support her spokesmanship when the Democrats took control of the House in 2018.

Neguse promised to support her, but not Crow.

And now Neguse has a newly created lower management level where he can hang his hat.

Crow went back on his campaign promise this week, tossing his support for her re-election to Pelosi for all the good it did him.

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