That was the week that was

It was anti-bullying week. It was also 17 years since the infamous Section 28 was repealed. The government admitted and admitted that in March last year it stopped funding anti-LGBT bullying programs for schools, despite knowing the harm such bullying can cause. Maybe you misunderstood what the “anti” bit actually means. After all, the Home Secretary had some difficulty understanding what counter-terrorism means. Perhaps her co-workers were too scared to tell the fragrant Priti, because yes, she was found by an independent investigation (almost certainly the last truly independent investigation we will have under this administration) of some of her co-workers Bullying Violation of Ministerial Law Code. But unintentionally, of course. She has never realized that screaming and verbally abusing employees is not optimal (although she is very much against bullying as of March 2019). Apparently one needs to be specifically instructed not to do this. Was she raised by wolves? You usually learn basic politeness from your parents long before you are even able to co-operate.

It is fascinating why the independent investigator did not interview Priti’s former Permanent Secretary. Will we ever know Will anyone care? Just a few. If you are interested, pay attention to the result of his job application.

Still, we can add “unintentional bullying” to this government’s dictionary to stand alongside “world’s best beatings” and violations of the law “in a specific and limited way”. Along with “frugal with actuality” (coined by a former adulterous Tory minister), but that could be the model of this government. So there is this.

The Prime Minister tried to change the independent investigator’s report. When that failed, he simply ignored it and freed Priti from her nonexistent sins while giving the usual apology without excuse that manages to hold the victims responsible for the insult. Other Tory MPs have been instructed to circling the car, which is a fairly unkind – if largely accurate – way of describing Ms. Patel’s body shape. Usually so through alleged bullying by John Bercow, they lined up to explain how gracious Priti had been to them. This may very well be true. It is entirely possible that Tory MPs lived such protected lives that they have never encountered the phenomenon of ambitious people good at getting up and indifferent or worse to everyone else. Or they rave hypocrites. You pay your money etc.

Nevertheless, clarity was achieved: we now know that there is only one standard in public life: not to call the Prime Minister’s girlfriend “Princess Nut Nut”. Still in writing. (And not having an independent spirit. But since this is a purely theoretical risk with the current 364 Tory MPs, we don’t need to worry about that anymore.) Thank God for that! These lengthy Nolan principles for public life can be sent to the shredder (along with Dame Laura Cox’s report on bullying in Parliament). These now completely pointless roles and committees (Independent Advisor to the Prime Minister on the Ministerial Code, Head of Ethics and Decency in the Cabinet Office, Committee on Standards in Public Life, Advisory Committee on Business Meetings, Tsar on Anti-Corruption, etc.) can simply be abolished, the savings in put the bag. Every little bit helps, like Rishi! The poor man has to find £ 16.5 billion on the back of the sofa to make a ship or two and a couple of cyber toys work for all the retrained ballerinas, possibly humming “La Fille Mal Gardee”.

Or maybe they could be combined into a big new role for Dido, who, as we learned this week, had a different paid role while working on Test’n’Trace and is clearly multitasking to the point of a T. Too bad she’s so useless at all. She’s a director in an outfit that claims to be able to improve corporate culture and whose key poo-bahs are friends of David Cameron and failed Tory candidates. Changed by Tory MPs and funders, one of whom, Lord Feldman, has been reported to the House of Lords Standards Commissioner. How unhappy must he feel! He should have followed the example of the BioIndustry Association, which placed a valuable assignment from Mrs. Bingham and then, quite by accident, wrote nice things about her, without revealing the contract. Who cares about conflicts of interest in this exciting world where scratching back is the only way to get ahead? Not ministers and no one else, soon enough.

What about work? MIA again unfortunately. Unions set it up to give workers a voice. Unite and others have now decided that it is far more important to give a voice to a 71-year-old man responsible for leading the party to its worst defeat in 88 years and discovering anti-Jewish discrimination. “Nothing is too good for workers” used to be the Labor mantra. But nothing is gotten if the unions have their way.

On the other side of the Atlantic, John Bolton finally said something sensible when he accused Trump of alleging a conspiracy to rig the elections to the point where there was no evidence at all. The president’s lawyer gave a press conference so bizarre it looked like another audition for a Borat movie. Most worryingly, she was then tweeted on the Republican Party’s official Twitter account. From “Honest Abe” Lincoln and the Gettysburg address to this one. Aren’t there Republicans ashamed of what happened to their party? It took a senator who believes the word of God was found on some gold plates in the American West to state clearly that what Trump is doing is wrong: “It’s hard to take a worse, more undemocratic act of a sedentary to introduce American President. “If others do not share Romney’s view, we may have to imagine much worse.

Here, 40 days before the end of the Brexit transition, fishing industry leaders, many of whom funded the vacation campaign, suddenly realized that new rules imposed by a Brexiteer government are likely to put them out of business. Oscar Wilde’s comment on Little Nell’s death is the only possible answer. The number of bureaucrats required to enforce the new rules would impress a Byzantine emperor. Weren’t many of them called Boris? It all makes sense now: the intrigues of the court, the defenestrations, the evicted favorites, the intrigues of the women behind the throne, even the harem, the grand buildings, and the eunuchs (aka Tory MPs) who protect the emperor. Great Britain becomes the new Constantinople. 1400.

There is some good news, however: vaccines are on the way made by the once maligned caste experts. We need them. And we will get them by Easter: Hurray! If you believe in this government’s promises and ability to deliver on them, then you do.

It is difficult to say what kind of normality there will then be. Not one where integrity will definitely play a major role. It becomes a historical curiosity uttered in ardent speeches that no one in power will pay attention to, practiced privately by some groups here and there, and by old-fashioned individuals who are increasingly feeling like cups.

Or as the Prime Minister might put it: “O Tempora, O Mores”.

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