Ivanka Trump Humiliation: First daughter suggested in opposition to returning to New York after the White Home

President Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law will be leaving the White House at the end of the Trump administration next January. You have both served as senior advisers to the President, with Ivanka in particular leading a number of campaign rallies in the run-up to the elections.

Prior to their political careers, Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner were well-known New York City celebrities who frequently attended the Met Gala fashion show and other events valued at $ 35,000 per ticket.

Analysts also report that Ms. Trump was viewed as a “moderating force” for her presidential father.

One of Ivanka’s former friends, Lysandra Ohrstrom, recently published a comprehensive essay on her friendship with the president’s daughter.

In it, she said she was hoping Ms. Trump would “mitigate her father’s most regressive, racist tendencies” when the 2016 Trump presidency was announced.

However, Ms. Ohrstrom, who was the maid of honor at Ms. Trump’s wedding to Mr. Kushner, has recently been campaigning for Ivanka’s support for her father.

She added in the Vanity Fair article, “I expect Ivanka will instead find a soft landing in Palm Beach, where casual white supremacy is indispensable and most misdeeds are forgiven when you have enough money.”

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On November 6th, Ms. Trump tweeted: “Every legally cast vote should be counted. Any illegally cast vote shouldn’t. This shouldn’t be controversial. “

Analysts like writer and columnist Jill Kargman told the New York Times that returning to New York would put Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner “in some kind of jail.”

Others speculate that the state socialists might be willing to “avoid” the couple.

The political landscape in New York is also tense when it comes to relations with President Trump.

The state voted 4,007,900 votes for Democrat Joe Biden in the most recent election, up from Mr Trump’s 2,960,070 votes.

In addition, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to sue the Trump administration over its plans to distribute coronavirus vaccines.

Mr Trump said last week that a COVID-19 vaccine would be widely available in the US – but not in New York.

This is because Mr. Cuomo set up a separate scientific review panel to approve the vaccine “to try to build credibility”.

In response, Mr Trump accused the governor of “playing politics” saying, “We cannot waste time and only give it to states that will use the vaccine immediately.”

New York attorney general Letitia James accused Mr. Trump of “vengeful behavior”.

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