Newslinks for Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

Spending will go up this week and taxes will go up next spring. Sunak’s interview before Issue Review Week.

Economic figures due out this week will mean “people will see the magnitude of the economic shock,” he said. “Right now the focus should be on supporting the economy, protecting as many jobs as possible and providing the money needed to fight the coronavirus.” He added, “Obviously, borrowing at this level cannot be sustained indefinitely.” It is well on its way to surpass GBP 350 billion this year. When asked if this would mean tax increases, Sunak said, “As soon as we’re done [the crisis]We need to figure out how best to get back to sustainable public finances. I hope that by spring we can look ahead with positive news on both mass testing and vaccines. “- Sunday Times

Rob Colvile: There is only one way out of this rising debt – growth

“The only way out of this crisis is to return to robust growth driven by the private sector. However, there was little sign of an agenda to achieve this. Instead, we run the risk of being caught in a vicious circle: a smaller economy, a larger state, and a wave of spending commitments that add to the deficit and push the Treasury to bigger tax hikes and make the economy even smaller. Boris Johnson is known for his love of eating and eating cake. But if the government can’t get growth and spending under control, all that’s left is crumbs. “- Sunday Times

The lockdown ends December 2nd, but the tightened levels are returning

“The Sunday mail assumes that the prime minister intends to extend opening hours to 11 p.m. when the second national lockdown ends on December 2nd. With final orders still coming in at 10 p.m., people will be given an extra hour to finish drinks and meals … He will also detail a new winter plan to fight Covid, including a revised three-tier structure for restrictions. The new framework will run through spring to add confidence and clarity to businesses and the general public as work continues on vaccine approval and a mass vaccination project. “- Post on Sunday 70 Tory MPs are said to have spoken out against the step-by-step plan – Observer curfew at 10 p.m. – Sun on Sunday Will there be a shift in power from Quad to Cabinet? – Sunday Post Johnson beats up Sturgeon for Covid treatment at Scottish Conservative virtual conference – Sunday Post ban on travel within Holyrood jurisdiction says SNP – Church of Scotland leaders want Christmas mass to start at midnight – Sunday Post The Daily Mail and That Department of Health Controversy over Covid Numbers – Post on Sunday Covid Work Pass Plan – Sunday Times Hancock gave lobbyist friend a job entitlement – Sunday Times Lockdown protest arrests – Mail on Sunday vaccine does not offer a panacea for the economy – Jeremy Warner, Sunday Telegraph Covid infantilizes the Population – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph Our lives belong to us, not the state – Jonathan Sumption, Mail on Sunday Let’s raise a glass to the end of Covid – Mail on Sunday Editorial

Britain reaches trade agreement with Canada. Johnson applauds “fantastic match”.

“As a relief to companies concerned about high tariffs, the government said the deal paves the way for negotiations to begin next year for a new deal with Canada. Under the terms of the deal, the UK and Canada will continue to operate under the terms of the current EU system after the Brexit transition period expires. Without a series of new bilateral agreements, trade with countries around the world could be hampered by obstacles such as tariffs and increased paperwork. The UK government says the stop gap agreement paves the way for future negotiations on a new bespoke trade deal between the UK and Canada. In a statement today, Johnson said: “This is a fantastic deal for Britain to secure transatlantic trade with one of our closest allies.” – Mail on Sunday

By working with Canada, Britain can change the world – Sunday Telegraph

Home office shake-up according to the Patel judgment

“The top ranks of officials in the Home Office are due to be rocked following allegations of bullying by Priti Patel, which will force officers to work several weekends and undergo performance reviews. New rules are also being drawn up to allow the Home Secretary to personally interview junior officials who have the most up-to-date knowledge of the work of their department, as The Telegraph understands. The changes were agreed between Ms. Patel and Matthew Rycroft, the department’s permanent secretary, to put a line on Ms. Patel’s behavior under the Whitehall probe. “- Sunday telegraph

Liam Halligan: Deal or No Deal, the government should make far better use of the opportunities open to us outside the EU

“My third observation is that with full Brexit nearing, the government should talk a lot or not at all, much more about the opportunities Britain offers outside the EU. Outside the EU, the UK will regain control of billions of pounds of “Cohesion Fund” spending, which can address regional inequalities. Freed from the strict rules on state aid in Brussels, the government can be selectively involved in industries of the future, not least in artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Free ports and business zones, low-tax areas that bring investment and prosperity to coastal cities and other deprived areas should be at the forefront of addressing regional imbalances – and again, can only be done outside the EU. “- Sunday telegraph

Common Sense Tory Group wants War On Awakening, a decriminalized BBC license fee and an eviction from the National Trust

“The appeal for ‘patriotic’ struggle is organized by the Common Sense group of 60 Tory MPs and colleagues. Sir John, its chairman, said, “It is time to defend British traditions and values ​​… to stand against the senseless Woke Whinger and the soulless militants who despise the best of Britain.” Members of the group – which includes many so-called Red Wall Tories who won Labor seats last year – reportedly received a “positive” response from Mr Johnson when they met him this year. Regarding public appointments, they say: “It is important that the persons appointed reflect the public’s perception of what is just and right, rather than addressing the concerns of the liberal left. For this purpose all appointments should possibly be monitored by an “ethnic group” of patriots. “- Mail on Sunday

Other news

Williamson Says Children Should Be Taught The Good And Bad About Our History – Sunday Mail HS2 May Never Reach Leeds – Sunday Times Queen To Intervene In Scotland’s Independence Referendum – Sunday Times

Another comment

We need a fresh dose of Thatcherism – Vernon Bogdanor, Sunday Times Red Wall Tory MP is nervous after Cummings’ departure – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday Johnson’s Ten Point Climate Change Plan Will Wreck the Economy – Matt Ridley, Sunday Telegraph The Inconvenient Truth : We practice eugenics – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times The cut in aid is tearing Britain’s reputation to pieces – Bob Geldof, Sunday Times Red, blue or yellow, the Greens always win – Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday Devolution is going to be a disaster Until Scotland raises its own taxes – Daniel Hannan, Sunday Telegraph

Shadow cabinet debate on support for a Brexit trade deal

“Sir Keir Starmer faces a shadow cabinet riot over Brexit after the Labor leader said last week that his party should back a deal if Boris Johnson is able to secure one. Senior members of Starmer’s top team said Labor should abstain rather than support what the party believes is a “thin” trade deal with the EU. At a heated meeting last week, Starmer was joined by Lisa Nandy, Shadow Secretary of State, and Nick assisting Thomas-Symonds, Secretary of the Interior, along with Reps Jonathan Ashworth and John Healey. Emily Thornberry, the shadow secretary for international trade, declined the move. David Lammy, Louise Haigh and Bridget Phillipson expressed reservations. “- Sunday Times

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