Night letter: ‘Regular’ Christmas is out of the query

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Good evening.

And congratulations – you made it by Friday!

So there it is. In less good news, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s outlook on vacation today was bleak: “A normal Christmas is, quite frankly, out of the question,” he said.

Previously, Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer, warned Canada “is not on the right track” when she unveiled new models to the Canadian public health agency that showed the country is headed for 20,000 cases of COVID. 19 every day if people don’t reduce their contacts. Should people ignore the warnings and increase their contacts from current levels, the data suggests that the number of cases could reach 60,000 a day by the end of December. Needless to say, things are a lot worse than they were during the first wave.

Trudeau acknowledged that people are fed up with the restrictions and everything related to the coronavirus, but urged people to heed public health advice as much is at stake. “This is the future of our country, this is the future of our children, it is the future of our loved ones and our seniors, it is our economy, it is our business, it is all together,” he said.

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As part of his and Tam’s joint plea to only engage in “essential activities”, Trudeau spoke to reporters outside Rideau Cottage this morning and said he would work from home as much as possible, as he had earlier this year . “I don’t want to be here this morning, you don’t want me to be here this morning, but here we are again.” More from Charlie Pinkerton.

In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford announced this afternoon that Toronto and the Peel region have been locked down, meaning most non-essential businesses will be closed. Iain Sherriff-Scott has this story.

Manitoba has a record number of people in the hospital, and officials announced that a man in his twenties had succumbed to the virus, the youngest in the province to die from the disease. Outside of Winnipeg, the health district in the small town of Steinbach, with a population of just over 21,000, has the most COVID-19 cases per capita in the country.

In related news: Alberta is now the only province without a mask mandate. Your move, Jason Kenney.

Canadian Forces Health Services Group commander, Rear Admiral Rebecca Patterson, told a House of Commons committee that the military was working on a plan to acquire its own coronavirus testing capability for uniformed men.

Trudeau spent the day discussing the economic benefits of tackling climate change and doing business with Canada, while meeting with colleagues from both sides of the Pacific at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit. However, as the Canadian press notes, it is unclear whether his pitch will be heard or fall on deaf ears in the face of Canada’s ongoing tensions with China, as have Washington and Beijing.

A day after Environment Secretary Jonathan Wilkinson presented the government’s plan to achieve net zero emissions, which includes targets but no penalties for failing to meet those emissions, closer to home, critics say this is “the crisis, with that we are facing is by no means appropriate. ”

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The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld an appeals court ruling that the law does not treat sex offenders who are not criminally responsible for their intellectual disabilities the same as offenders found guilty.

In the 7: 2 decision, it was agreed that the Ontario Sex Offender Registration Act unconstitutionally prohibits those who are not criminally responsible, but with absolute exoneration has the option to be free from registration requirements. In contrast, those without intellectual disabilities who have been convicted of a sexual offense but then dismissed outright, pardoned or received a record suspension have what is known as an “exit ramp”. More from Leslie MacKinnon.

A new lawsuit filed by Democracy Watch in federal court alleges Canada’s process of appointing federal judges is unconstitutional because it is open to partisan interference. The nonprofit says the Canadian system gives the Attorney General too much discretion. This story from the Canadian press.

The establishment of a new federal agency to handle complaints about human rights abuses by Canadian companies operating overseas has been delayed again. The Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Entrepreneurship, announced in January 2018, was due to launch its grievance mechanism at the end of November to start operating the watch dog after COVID-19 was delayed in the spring. Now things are on hold until early next year. Jolson Lim has the details.

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In other headlines:

CERB was collected from high income individuals, new data show (CP)
Ambassador visits Canadians imprisoned in China on Huawei (CP) case
Ex-Health Secretary Philpott says the federal government should support decriminalization of drugs in Vancouver (CBC)
Minister overrides senior water probe bureaucrat (CBC)
It took Rob Anders’ attorney one month to review the evidence (CP).
Ex-Mountie Refusing to Testify in Huawei’s Extradition Negotiation Works at Macau Casino (Globe and Mail)


After the truly bizarre press conference of his campaign yesterday, which continued to raise false election fraud allegations, President Donald Trump invited Republican electoral officers from Michigan who initially refused to confirm the vote in Wayne County, a Democratic stronghold he shared with the spokesman for Michigan House met Lee Chatfield, Speaker-Elect Jason Wentworth and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey at the White House this afternoon as its legal team continued to try to reverse the election results. State officials were met by protesters trying to leave and when they arrived in DC Politico had this to say why they should never have accepted the invitation.

“It’s hard to imagine a sitting American president doing worse, more undemocratic,” said Senator Mitt Romney, one of the growing number of Republicans breaking with Trump and his legal team because of their dangerous endeavors.

It is not clear which lawyers will be attending this White House meeting, as Rudy Giuliani and other members of his team were at the circus for a Giuliani press conference yesterday. Giuliani’s son Andrew, who was also in attendance, announced this afternoon that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Two sources tell CNN that talks are underway with the president about inviting Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers to the White House.

As the circus continues, CNN sees Trump sabotaging President-elect Joe Biden – and America.

In Georgia, Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger confirmed the results of today’s presidential election, a move that will make Biden’s victory there official

The Vatican is currently investigating how the Pope’s official Instagram account came to “like” a photo of a scantily clad Brazilian model in school uniform. What is to be investigated here? Instagram is pretty simple …

Well-known cyber investigator Victor Gevers, who was still online, said last month that he successfully logged into Trump’s Twitter account by guessing his password – “MAGA2020!” While the White House denied this happened and Twitter said it also had no evidence of the hack, the BBC reported, Gevers shared more to support his claims.

In the presented opinion:

Alana Westwood and Sarah Otto: Post-Pandemic Reconstruction should seek to pay off Canada’s environmental debts

The kicker:

Finally with a password like ‘MAGA2020!’ It’s obvious that Donnie isn’t the most accomplished social media user. So it’s no wonder this morning that he retweeted something that seemed to be praised by his sister, but actually came from a parody account.

With that in mind, I wish you a great weekend.

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