The DiAngelo issue

Charles Fain Lehman of the Washington Free Beacon reports on the forum hosted through Zoom by the Department of Diversity, Justice and Education at the University of Wisconsin. In work that the mainstream media disapproves of, Lehman relies on documents the university received in response to a request for freedom of information for this excellent report. Here’s the opening:

Prominent diversity adviser Robin DiAngelo raised $ 12,750 for a presentation at the University of Wisconsin last month – 70 percent more than the other keynote speaker, black author Austin Channing Brown.

The Department of Diversity, Justice, and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison paid Channing Brown just $ 7,500 for her keynote address at their annual diversity forum, which was received by the Washington Free Beacon Show. The payments were negotiated with the Harry Walker Agency, a New York-based speaking bureau that represents both women.

DiAngelo has referred to such inequality as the racist heart of capitalism, claiming that “capitalism is dependent on inequality. … If the model benefits from everything else, you are not going to review your policies to find out what is most racially fair.”

There are so many absurd elements in the story that it can be inferred that it is impossible to satirize the higher education which is linked to the big business of anti-racism. Much more here.

Quote: “And while DiAngelo has made a name for himself by demanding that whites no longer avoid difficult conversations, she has not responded to multiple requests for comments from the Free Beacon.”

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