Forgiveness: Ought to Joe Biden forgive Donald Trump, and would he?

Michael Conway, former Democratic attorney on the U.S. Justice Committee investigating the Nixon impeachment, recently called for Joe Biden to pardon Donald Trump.

At the same time, Biden’s new chief of staff Ron Klain says Biden won’t tell the Justice Department what to do to investigate Trump and his soon-to-be ex-officials:

This is good right? Not so fast. Biden does not simply telegraph that, unlike Trump, he will not try to submit the Justice Department to his political will. According to a report, Biden also sends the message that the DOJ should not investigate Trump at all.

I worry that even if Biden doesn’t directly order his DOJ to give Trump a passport, the message has already been sent: Investigations into Trump and his cronies are a distraction the boss doesn’t want.

Joe Biden has a lot of Barack Obama in him: the desire to bring people together without being terribly vengeful. And these are admirable qualities. But just because Donald Trump wanted inappropriately to persecute his political opponents doesn’t mean Trump should be immune from prosecution of legitimate crimes.

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John Aravosis
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