Jeffco Republicans refuse to do something nobody asks them to do

As Erik Maulbetsch Reports for The Colorado Times Recorder that the Jefferson County Republican Party is fucking insane and they won’t pretend they’re doing anything anymore. Instead, they’ll pretend they’re doing something that means nothing. Well there!

From the Times Recorder:

The Jefferson County Republican Party announced on Facebook today that it “has refused to confirm” the election results. The election certification is the responsibility of the advertising commission and the county clerk, not the political parties.

Jefferson County Clerk spokeswoman Kara Rowland said the county’s election results have already been confirmed.

… Colorado Secretary of State’s spokeswoman Betsy Hart confirmed this.

Oh yeah? Well, the Jefferson County Republican Party will refuse to ratify any election this century! Not only that, they are considering refusing to certify future elections!

2020 election results in Jefferson County, Colorado. Not exactly a photo finish.

And what is the special beef of the Jeffco GOP with 2020?

While the Jeffco GOP says it is not claiming fraud, it bases its demands for an “audit” on unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the voting machine software company Dominion Voting, used by Jeffco (and almost every other county in Colorado).

From public statements and the party’s so-called “Minority Report” it is not clear whether the Jeffco Executive Committee understands the county’s electoral process. Chairwoman Denise Mund did not return a request for comment. [Pols emphasis]

Regarding the Jeffco GOP exam request, Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder George Stern states that it has already done so.

Oh … so you’ve already done the exam thing … we ask. Okay, well, we asked for it!

We leave it to you, dear readers, to suggest any other possible action that the Republican Party of Jefferson County may take that will serve absolutely no purpose.

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