Betfair Next President market exceeds £ 1,016 BILLION from matched betting but remains open

The recounts in the peripheral states didn’t make much of a difference

It’s getting ridiculous. Betfair has not yet closed its next presidential market where the rules state that “This market is regulated by the candidate who received the most projected votes of the electoral college in the 2020 presidential election.

This is not a market for who will be the next sworn president on January 20th, but who was the planned winner after the November 3rd elections. That became clear two and a half weeks ago, which resulted in almost every other bookmaker closing their market

I read that this is happening because there are still punters willing to bet on Trump, who is currently rated at a 4% chance. Why they do this I don’t know, but one theory has it that wealthy Trump supporters are trying to keep Betfair open to claim that he still has a chance.

The problem for Betfair is that it appears to be defying its own rules.

As much as Trump wants, the courts will not potentially disqualify millions of votes.

In the meantime, the transition continues with one new announcement after another from the office of elected president.

Thanksgiving is certainly an appropriate occasion.

Mike Smithson

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