College is voluntary love, voluntary

And you know what voluntary means?

Liberty University students are required to sign a code of ethics outlining acceptable and forbidden behavior – and LGBTQ students fear they will have to stay in the shadows to graduate

It took Tessa Russell a weekend to be really exposed.

On April 6, 2019, her friend Ash Ables traveled to Liberty University in central Virginia to surprise her. They had been together for four months, but it was their first time visiting Russell on campus.

The two were eating pizza in front of the TV when Russell’s agent (RA) entered the room and caught the couple off guard. Since same-sex relationships are practically forbidden in the Evangelical Christian school, Russell immediately tried to pass the relationship off as platonic.

Her advisor didn’t buy it and ordered Ables to leave campus. Russell desperately reached for their Liberty LGBTQ network and the couple rushed into a friend’s apartment.

Then Russell’s cell phone rang. Her RA requested her return and said the two could “not be together”. Feeling like she had no choice, she left Ables and went back to her dormitory at 3 a.m. where her advisor was waiting.

“You know, you can get advice on something like that. These relationships are sinful. I recommend that you go to therapy for this, ”Russell was told.

“It was only painful because it was so shameful – even though it’s something that shouldn’t be – I have a girlfriend who I love. There was nothing wrong with that, but my colleagues just looked it down, ”Russell, who graduated earlier this year, told the Guardian.

Here is the thing. Why would a lesbian go to college that says it’s a sin to be a lesbian? There are a few tens of thousands of places across the country willing to take the money in exchange for the certificate of completion.

Why would you do this

Of course, upon further investigation, one can assume that the problem is somewhat different:

It is known that these people in the south also occasionally had problems with false generation.

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