Elderly woman put to sleep to avoid fear of lockdown loneliness

An elderly Canadian woman was killed by her doctor because she would rather be dead than go through another COVID lockdown. When it appeared that she would have to stay in her room for two weeks, she asked for the fatal blow – and received it – because her sanity and vitality were deteriorating. From the CTV story:

Russell, described by her family as exceptionally social and bubbly, was one such person. Her family says she opted for a Medically Assisted Death (MAID) after refusing so severely during lockdown that she no longer wanted to be isolated this winter …

This time the doctors approved it. Russell wouldn’t have to go through another lockdown in her nursing home. “She just didn’t really think she wanted to try another of those two-week sentences in her room,” her daughter said.

But be aware that she might be surrounded by friends and family for her death!

When 90-year-old Nancy Russell died last month, she was surrounded by friends and family. They huddled around her bed singing a song she chose to send when a doctor helped her through a medically assisted death.

This is how comradeship is supposed to be made dead, but not to stay alive. And her family thinks this is a great option to demonstrate how euthanasia awareness is twisting the social mindset.

But we are told that killing to end suffering is oh sooo compassionate! And bans are good public health measures! Bah!

Let those with eyes to see see.

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