Europe’s reaction to Trump’s re-election was “Bye America First” and “Hello America’s Back”. The global relief over Biden’s victory is palpable. President-elect Joe Biden works hard every day preparing for a peaceful transition. Today he announced the names of several candidates in his cabinet and their outstanding qualifications make Trump’s cabinet candidates look like an embarrassment of incompetence. The return of political talent and diplomacy is welcomed by nations around the world.

Trump wastes time pretending to win the election to protect his ego and set the stage for a reality show comeback attempt in 2024. The America First slogan was a sham. The ideology was “Trump First” and his anti-democracy attempt to seize a fair election through fraud as power is a final act that exposes his vicious narcissism and autocratic view of the American presidency. For the past four years, esteemed allies have done it. To endure Trump’s arrogant, intrusive behavior at conferences and summits, they quietly whispered, “What happened to the American presidency?” He monopolized media time on the world stage with incessant, incoherent foray, while skilled executives stood frustrated by his rudeness and lack of knowledge of topics such as climate change, science, history and the importance of globalization. Joe Biden’s sizeable referendum and electoral college victory have inspired our allies to renew their belief in America’s presence as the beacon of democracy and decency.

Biden has already kept one of his election promises. He pledged to choose a cabinet that reflected the true makeup of America. The cabinet candidates he selected all reflect a level of experience, competence, integrity and diversity that was not reflected in Trump’s decisions for the same positions. Trump’s criteria for appointment were loyalty and submissiveness. In his early years as president, some of his decisions were so bad that he fired people one by one. When his decisions were so questionable that it appeared unconfirmed, he simply retained their status as “acting” officials to circumvent the need for Congressional approval. Biden’s first round of cabinet nominations includes: Secretary of State Antony Blinken Deputy Secretary of State and Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama and National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden. Secretary to Secretary of State Alejandro Mayorkas Assistant Secretary of State for Homeland Security from 2013-2016. US Director for Citizenship and Immigration under President Obama. Mayorkas is the first immigrant and Latino to hold this position. Director of National Intelligence – Avril Haines – She was Deputy Director of the CIA from 2013 to 2015. If this is confirmed, she will be the first woman to serve in this position. Treasury Secretary – Janet Yellin She served as Chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018. She was also the Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers under Bill Clinton. These nominees represent the caliber of talent that deserves the positions they seek. Their experience has prepared them to carry out the tasks in these positions professionally on the first day of work. Unlike many of Trump’s first reps, whose experience was mismatched with the job, Biden has prioritized competence over submissive loyalty. For example, Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s election as Treasury Secretary, is a $ 300 million banker and Trump loyalist who is largely seen as unqualified for such a high position. His education minister, Betsy Devos, is a billionaire attorney for charter schools and has never worked as a teacher or school administrator. Dr. Ben Carson was named Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development by Trump. Carson is a retired, recognized pediatric neurosurgeon with no direct experience on housing and urban issues. However, his loyalty to Trump earned him the job. The Biden Presidency promises to return America to a high standard of state integrity, democratic norms, and a united, undivided country. Biden is keen to get the spread of COVID under control and prepare for the efficient distribution of the upcoming vaccines. He calls on the current administration to pass a COVID relief bill to minimize the financial, physical and emotional suffering of the American people. Meanwhile, it seems like Trump will be spending his final days as president pardoning criminals, harming democracy through unfounded attacks on the fair elections he lost, and using impulsive military action to complicate Biden’s transfer of power, and possibly the harm national security numbered America and the world will be fine.

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