Finbarr Solutions hired by Labtech London Limited to conduct property security assessments

Finbarr Solutions – a global security and risk management consultancy – announced that it has been commissioned by Labtech London Limited. The specialized team of security experts, investigators and intelligence analysts will evaluate and advise measures to ensure that Labtech London Limited maintains the highest levels of security for citizens, tourists, businesses and infrastructure on the 20 acre properties it owns and manages via Camden Market and West London.

Finbarr Solutions was selected by Labtech London Limited for its accreditations, qualifications and proven expertise in conducting comprehensive Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (TRVAs) for companies around the world and in many different industries. Finbarr Solutions Managing Director, Ciaran Barry CSyP, comments, “Our job is to protect people, assets, brands and reputations. We are proud to have been selected by Labtech London Limited for this latest project which encompasses some of the busiest, liveliest and most iconic areas in the city. “

In addition to conducting a comprehensive TRVA focusing on 16 hectares of real estate in Camden Market, Finbarr Solutions will also advise Labtech London Limited on its measures to reduce enemy vehicles.

Labtech London Limited’s chief security officer, Erhan Yildiran, ASyl said, “Each year, more than 28 million people visit Camden Market to shop, eat, drink, work and be in one of the busiest, most creative and exciting areas in the world Make contacts London. It is our duty to create and secure an environment for everyone who visits, lives and works here. Finbarr Solutions are experts in their field and we look forward to working with the team to continuously review and improve our actions. “

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