Emily Murphy, for making Joe Biden’s precious transition possible, when you all MEAN SO

Can someone get Emily Murphy, General Services Administrator, a pacifier? And a blanket and a bottle and her favorite teddy and maybe a pudding bowl when she promises to stop whining so the country can get some work done?

Yesterday the government official whose IRL job is to give the transition planning the green light finally let the process begin. Just two weeks after Biden’s victory became a mathematical certainty, and just under three weeks after the election itself, she entered objective reality and “established” that Biden is the obvious winner. And she did it in a breathtakingly indulgent letter praising her own integrity and complaining mightily about doing her damn job.

Just look at this shit!

I have dedicated much of my adult life to public service, always striving to do the right thing. Please note that based on the law and available facts, I came to my decision independently. I have not been pressurized, directly or indirectly, by any executive officer, including those who work in the White House or GSA, as to the content or timing of my decision. To be clear, I was not directed to delay my determination. However, I received threats online, over the phone, and in the mail directed at my safety, my family, my co-workers, and even my pets to force me to make that decision ahead of time. Even in the face of thousands of threats, I have always advocated compliance with the law.

First, switching between the RNC and various Republican House committees is not exactly the Peace Corps. Second, the whole world can see on Twitter where Trump admits he stopped blocking the transition and “in the best interests of our country, I recommend Emily and her team to do what is being done regarding the initial minutes got to.” And third, while we are very sorry that Ms. Murphy has been threatened and people shouldn’t, it has nothing to do with her commitment to turn over the $ 7 million and government access to which President-elect Biden has access is legally entitled.

The letter begins with a bleak, selfish misrepresentation: “As an administrator of the US General Services Administration, under the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, as amended, I have the ability to provide certain resources and services in support of the post-election event “In fact, Ms. Murphy has a positive duty, not just an” ability “- that is why the enabling law says” should “not” can “when she feels like it after planting a million stories that say how excruciating it has to do her damn job when the president causes a public tantrum. ”

“I firmly believe the law requires the GSA administrator to establish, and not impose, the ostensibly elected president,” she wrote in a lengthy statement for her unprecedented delay – as in, which has literally never happened before the “determination” of the results of an election that has been visible for weeks to anyone who is able to work arithmetically.

The GSA does not determine the outcome of litigation and recounts, nor does it determine whether such a process is appropriate or justified. These are issues that the constitution, federal and state laws leave to the electoral certification process and the decisions of the competent courts. I don’t think an agency charged with improving federal procurement and real estate management should put itself above the constitutional electoral process. I urge Congress to consider changing the law.

That’s a long way to say that, like every other hack in Trumpland, she has rejected the evidence of her eyes and ears in favor of a cult leader who insists that “what you see and what you read is not what.” Event. “If Trump said the moon was made of mozzarella, they’d swear there was a real scientific debate. Have you ever been to the moon, Lib? They’d parry. Now that the president is making nonsense about that 232 are more than 306, the lackeys who surround him pretend to be amazed, desperately counting on their fingers, trying to solve this extremely difficult calculation.

Here’s how the Washington Post described poor Emily Murphy’s dilemma:

But Murphy wanted more security before triggering the transfer of power, people close to her said, even though her opposition sparked hundreds of years of peaceful surrenders. She wondered what milestones would come. Battlefield states would confirm the vote and Trump’s legal battle would unfold, she told colleagues.

Then there was the president’s anger and the risk that he would fire her and her top aides if she moved forward. The Republicans in their party, who privately recognized Trump had lost, publicly stood by the president. Murphy had little cover.

Then threats came in as angry Trump critics demanded that she release the money. The GSA had to provide her with a security detail. Democrats on Capitol Hill urged Murphy to brief her and threatened to take her to a public hearing.

Oh no! Should she acknowledge objective reality and risk being fired from a position she will be out of in two months? Shall we feel sorry for Murphy – a former Hill employee? – for facing Katie Porter and explaining why she’s not ready to do her damn job? Oh no matter: She still refuses to face Katie Porter.

The Post does not indicate in this article that Murphy had no problem falsifying her testimony before Congress. She’s the one who turned the math upside down to make it look like the FBI building was being relocated outside of DC to a place where it could be secured. This would not work if the expected income from the sale of the property were omitted. Of course, selling the property would likely result in a competing hotel being built across from Trump’s DC Emoluments Palace, and we can’t have that. It is likely a coincidence that Murphy is suddenly concerned about showing up in Congress sixty days before Bill Barr’s handover of the DOJ to someone who is not making false claims to executive privilege and protecting all Trumpland lackeys from prosecution for lying to Congress .

So, yeah, slow claps for Emily Murphy, who finally put on her big girls pants and agreed to do her job. We knew you could do it! It’s probably time for a nap and when you wake up, apple juice and vegetarian straws. Yay!

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