Kvetching after the election, JoAnn Windholz achieved stupidity

Ex-rep. JoAnn Windholz (center).

We wrote about the asinine announcement from late Monday Jefferson County Republicans that they “refuse to certify the results of the 2020 elections,” which they are not responsible for actually serving as the County Acquassing Board and Clerk George Stern certify the results. When asked why they chose this meaningless method to protest against outcomes that were not close to one another, particularly with Jeffco, the party cited the same totally unfounded “concerns” Dominion voting systems that has lawyer Sidney Powell Released from her duties with the Trump campaign legal team at the weekend.

Well folks, not to be outdone, the Aurora Sentinel is reporting today that Adams County Republican Party chair JoAnn Windholz– Yes, this JoAnn Windholz – joins the procedurally insignificant sympathy party at the district level for the soon-to-be ex-president Donald Trump:

The Adams County GOP chairman said the party would not accept the results of the local elections because of “gut instincts” of fraud, even though the party’s representative on the County Acvassing Board had already voted to confirm the results.

Adams County’s Republican Committee chairman JoAnn Windholz said Tuesday that she felt Democrats and an electoral technology company had teamed up to sway the November 3 general election in favor of liberal candidates in the county. She has no evidence of fraud or fraud. Election officials at the local and national levels have repeatedly stated that there is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud or conspiracy theories.

But seriously. That’s 2020. Who the hell needs evidence?

“Well, I’m skeptical, yes, but I can’t prove it,” Windholz told the Sentinel … [Pols emphasis]

Windholz has two reasons: She doesn’t trust Democrats or Dominion, a Denver-based electoral technology company used by election officials nationwide. and she is in disbelief that the Republicans have been badly off in Adams County this year.

… Windholz said the Democrats had done suspiciously well in Adams County this year compared to previous years. She was elected as the representative of the republican state in 2014, but lost two years later the re-election to the Democrat Dafna Michaelson-Jenet, who was able to keep her seat this year without any problems.

Colorado House District 30 is a good example of the stated priority in the 2011 reappointment process to draw competitive districts that could at least theoretically be won by both sides to allow for a more authentic competition of candidates and ideas instead of elections decided at the primary level. In 2014, JoAnn Windholz narrowly defeated the incumbent Democratic representative. Jenise May, then to lose the seat to the current representative. Dafna Michaelson Jenet As of 2016, the seat has become more securely Democratic due to Michaelson Jenet’s popularity as well as the general shift of suburbs the blue Colorado has seen in recent years.

Windwood helped her way to defeat in 2016 when she blamed Planned parenting In November 2015, at the organization’s Colorado Springs office, killing three people and injuring nine others, being the “real culprit” of the rampage. Windholz’s comments were condemned by the then GOP chairman Steve House, but the local party stood by her – obviously, since she now runs the Adams County GOP.

But why this honest conversation at all? Trump said it was a “RIGGED VOTE!” Repeated! In all caps! What other evidence does someone need? Obviously, there are no lessons to be learned when you can just blame the machines instead of the voters.

That’s why the Republicans are not going to win back the Denver suburbs anytime soon, folks.

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