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“A letter to the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the SNP

To whom it May concern
I am sad, fearful and angry that as a woman in 2020 I feel compelled to write to a political party in these terms. To the extent that members of your party are involved in the document discussed below, I would be grateful if you carried out an urgent investigation into their behavior, given the risk of harm this would cause women like me.
On November 27th, a number of people posted a document on the social media website Twitter entitled, “Call to Action. This was written by:
A group of trans and / or non-binary people who have come together from across the political spectrum of Scotland to highlight the crisis of inaction regarding transphobic abuse in our parties.
Signatories will be asked, including:
Patrick Harvie MSP – The Scottish Green Party
Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP – the Scottish Liberal Democrats
Stewart McDonald MP – the SNP
The “call to action” also referred to:
Recent examples of social media posts allegedly undermining a city council’s Trans Day of Remembrance and revelations regarding MP funding known as a hate group are recent cause for concern.
This is directly related to a tweet from David Paisley who identifies himself as a Scottish actor with 27.k followers. It relates to a donation from Joanna Cherry QC to my crowdfunder trying to raise funds for judicial reviews against the College of Policing and the Wiltshire Police against the decision to record my protected political speech on the immutability of gender as “Hate incident”.
I am a member of the campaign organization Fair Cop, which is made up of gender-critical lawyers, former police officers, writers and experts who are dedicated to compliance with Articles 8-11 of the ECHR.
Fair Cop is obviously not a “hate group” and therefore I am not a member of the “hate group”. The discussion of UK law is a protected political speech, as confirmed by Knowles J in Miller v. College of Policing.
I am a lawyer and therefore a member of a regulated profession. If people really believed I was “hateful,” I would expect to be arrested and excluded from my job. Trying to smear a politician for donating to my legitimate crowdfunding because of my membership in Fair Cop is not only absurd but also dangerous.
I have been named repeatedly by Mr Paisely in a series of tweets that I was not offered a right to reply to because Mr Paisely blocked my Twitter account from interacting with his. His false and malicious allegations were then embedded in this “call to action” which was also widely circulated. This makes me – and I assume Ms. Cherry – a real one, given the nature and volume of the messages I have now received threatening me with sexual and physical violence and making derogatory comments about my appearance and age Risk of injury.
The signatories of this “call to action”, therefore, offer their undeniable consent to a malicious and unfounded attack on a serving member of the Scottish National Party, Ms. Joanna Cherry QC, and a person called in England – me.
To the extent that the signatories of this letter are members of your party, I trust that you will take the necessary steps to show your disapproval of those tactics, which are inherently hateful, have no place in a modern democracy, and me and bring other women to it at imminent risk of actual physical harm.
I will continue to monitor the messages I receive. Should they continue or escalate, I think that will be a matter for the police.
Given the nature of my concerns and my possible need to involve the police, I would be grateful for your urgent response.
Sarah Phillimore. “

I support Sarah Phillimore. I just want to add that, as an SNP member, I am calling for Stewart McDonald MP to be expelled from the party. There is no place for this hatred in politics or in life.

I hope others will support Sarah Phillimore as well.

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