History won’t be kind to Trump because of the nature of his departure

The Trump campaign spent $ 3 million on the Wisconsin recount.
For Joe Biden there was a net win of 87 votes.
Recounts failed.
Lawsuits fail.
The pressure on local officials and state legislators fails.
Misinformation campaign fails.
GOP leadership has yet to admit.

– Nick Bryant (@NickBryantNY) November 29, 2020

The term “Trump” will forever be used to describe a poor loser

Trump’s ongoing rejection of the 2020 presidential election result is expected to last until January 20, when Joe Biden is inaugurated. No doubt there will be more antics from the White House in the weeks remaining, but any avenues he had tried to reverse the outcome appear blocked.

That’s not surprising. Actually, it was pretty ridiculous for his team to go into one courtroom at a time and claim fraud without providing evidence. Is it any wonder that nearly all of the law firms his campaign hired have been withdrawn?

One trait we can take to heart is that Republicans in positions of power from state to state have refused to follow Trump’s plan. Even those from Michigan who were called to the White House refused to obey Trump’s wishes.

They would have thought that before the litigation began, some effort would have been made to involve the States parties.

One thing is certain, since the elections Trump’s antics will forever rule his presidency and that “making Trump” will be the accepted way to relate to a poor loser.

With every day he endures, he is becoming more of a diminished figure, which could affect his plans for the White House.

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