Iranian nuclear scientist’s top bomber: A disruption to the Islamic Republic’s new post-election exuberance

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The party celebrating Joe Biden’s announced victory was in full swing in Tehran and then roughly interrupted. The New York Times reported on Friday that “Iran’s top nuclear scientist, long indicted by American and Israeli intelligence agencies, was behind secret warhead development programs, was shot dead on Friday while driving a vehicle in northern Iran.” Mohsen Fakhrizadeh “has been the driving force behind the Iranian nuclear weapons program for two decades.” Suddenly the future for the mullahs didn’t look as bright as it did hours ago.

By the time Fakhrizadeh was killed, the mullahs and their henchmen had shown a boast they hadn’t shown since the palm tree days of Barack Hussein Obama. After Israel met the Iranian Quds Force facilities in Syria in mid-November, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh issued a bold Biden-based threat, stating, “The Zionist regime is aware that the era of hit and Run is over … in Syria is advisory, and if anyone disrupts that advisory presence, our response will of course be a devastating one. “Especially now, with conforming Old Joe in the White House

That wasn’t all of Biden’s buoyancy, either. The state-controlled Iranian news agency Mehr announced last Sunday that the Islamic Republic is stepping up its nuclear program: Iran’s permanent representative to international organizations, Kazem Gharibabadi, “says the country will operate 174 advanced IR-M2 centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear power plant. ” Gharibabadi also stressed that “all of Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful and carried out under the supervision of the IAEA and that the United States has no excuse to attack Iran.”

No worries. With the foreign policy establishment firmly back in the saddle, the last thing anyone thinks of doing anything to insult or oppose the mullahs.

The mullahs were also encouraged in Iran. IranWire also reported last Sunday that “while operations were taking place in different cities across Iran, security forces raided the homes of ten Bahá’ís. Their personal effects, cell phones, computers, laptops and religious books and pictures have been confiscated, and in some cases agents have also reportedly taken cash and national ID cards. “

One Baha’i was puzzled: “At a time when people are working together and observing social distancing and avoiding unnecessary traffic, unknown people – who may be carriers of the disease – came to Baha’i homes and touched everything on the pretext an inspection. Doesn’t such behavior violate public health guidelines? “

For sure. But the mullahs have assumed that the serious threat to their regime that Donald Trump posed will soon be over. The Iranian nuclear deal, which enables the Iranian nuclear program and opens the door for it to receive billions from a thoughtless, ill-considered and deliberately ignorant West, will soon come back into force. They have therefore assumed that it is a perfect time to step up their operations against the perceived enemies of the Islamic regime, that is, against poor and defenseless non-Muslims.

Until the murder of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently said: “It does not matter who is elected president as the next US administration will surrender to the Iranian nation.” Indeed, it is likely that Joe Biden’s reign for Kamala Harris will actually “surrender to the Iranian nation,” as evidenced by the disastrous precedent of the Obama / Biden administration. But now the alignment of the top Iranian nuclear scientist suggests that the mullahs’ assumption that it is time to let the good times roll may have been premature. Even with Dotty Old Joe in the White House, others who are less clueless, corrupt, and compliant will continue to take the Islamic Republic seriously when it makes its genocide threats and act accordingly.

The Biden-led United States of America may be working to empower a regime that is severely threatened from other quarters and can strike in ways the mullahs cannot foresee or prevent. Given the widespread dissatisfaction of the Iranian people with the Islamic regime, such strikes could find significant support within the Islamic Republic. This could lead to the left gerontocracy in Washington strangely doing everything to prop up the Islamic gerontocracy in Tehran, but unable to overcome the will of the Iranian people themselves. We can only hope.

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