Polis refuses to disclose how or where he got infected with the COVID-19 virus

Governor Polis announced late Saturday night that he has now tested positive for COVID-19 but appears to be fine with no symptoms.

The positive result follows another test that Polis announced on Thanksgiving Eve that came back negative, but that’s all the details Colorado gets to know.

After all, Polis is a Democrat who isn’t subject to the same standards of transparency as President Donald Trump when he and his wife and son test positive for the virus.

Trump’s every move in the week leading up to his positive test has been reviewed and the president has been criticized for potentially infecting others.

Where did Polis go, where was he infected, who did he come into contact with, possibly to infect others, was he wearing a mask?

It turns out that’s none of our business.

Conor Cahill, a spokesman for the governor, refuses to say what day the infected person was exposed to polis, or whether it occurred at work or in his personal time, the Colorado Sun reported.

One of the few events we know of is the media briefing at the governor’s residence with state epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy on Tuesday, the day before Polis announced its first test. Neither of them wore masks when they spoke.

Since Polis says to get tested after being exposed to someone with COVID, he obviously knows where he was exposed.

He also knows if he followed the same orders he preached to Coloradans for nearly nine months to prevent the spread – restrict public interactions, wear a mask, maintain six feet of social distance, and wash hands regularly.

Did Polis ignore his own advice or did these security measures not protect him? Coloradans deserve to know.

Since the governor is asymptomatic with a negative and a positive test, he will retested to see if he actually has the virus or not?

Or will Polis just use the positive results as an official note from his doctor to excuse him from the special meeting he has called this week?

If the virus is spreading so quickly that someone claiming they have perfect protective measures like Polis could catch it, should the governor cancel that particular legislative session and instead go ahead as planned when the new session meets in January?

Based on the reaction we read from restaurant owners about the emergency aid Polis is offering them – a limited tax break of $ 2,000 for those who can make $ 70,000 a month – the special session sounds more like a public relations stunt that offers low results maybe more COVID.

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