Real-Life Mowgli lives in the jungle walking 20 miles a day after cruel villagers harassed him for being “different”.

A REAL-Life Mowgli lives in the African jungle and hikes 20 miles a day to escape cruel villagers who harass him for being “different”.

But Zanziman’s infatuated mother Ellie, 21, viewed him as a “miracle” after losing her first five children in Rwanda, East Africa.


Zanziman Ellie lives in a jungle in Rwanda, East AfricaPhoto credit: short messageEllie and his mother - who spoke to a film crew


Ellie and his mother – who spoke to a film crewPhoto credit: short messageThe 21-year-old man spends hours outside the village


The 21-year-old man spends hours outside the villagePhoto credit: short message

A poignant video describes how she and her husband were so upset that their children were dying that they kneeled and implored “God for a son,” writes Zolex.

The couple even asked for an “abnormal child as long as it did not die.”

Nine months later, Ellie was born in 1999 with microcephaly, a condition in which a baby’s head is much smaller than expected.

Unfortunately, life has been a struggle for the man since then.

He is harassed every day by insensitive villagers because of his facial features, reports Afrimax Rwanda.

During a visit to Ellie’s mother, the station was told that he was always mocked and criticized.

As a result, he has learned to get up on his feet quickly or even to flee high up a tree to escape the constant bullying of the villagers.

Incredibly, Ellie – who has never been to school – spends all day wandering the jungle for hours.

He sometimes covers up to 230 km a week and eats grass while in the jungle, his mother said.

The boy’s mother says in the interview that she has to chase him every evening to bring him home.

A fundraiser was started to help the fighting family


A fundraiser was started to help the fighting familyPhoto credit: short messageAlthough Ellie cannot speak, he can definitely understand his mother


Although Ellie cannot speak, he can definitely understand his motherPhoto credit: short messageA television crew said he was often forced to flee into trees


A television crew said he was often forced to flee into treesPhoto credit: short message

She told the station: “I always graze him as an animal and he always runs away.”

Ellie and his mother visited the station to raise awareness and raise awareness for fundraisers for the poverty-stricken family.

His mother told Afrimax that her son cannot speak, but he understands her instructions.

At some point she asks him to fetch a canister lying on the floor.

He immediately ran over and got it for her and asked the reporter to say: This proves he understands what you are telling him. “

Savannah News reports, “After consulting health professionals, we believe the boy has microcephaly, compounded by a lack of understanding and love from the villagers.

“He may not necessarily enjoy living in the jungle, but he seems to be running away from an abusive mob that leads him to do things he doesn’t like.”

Ellie’s mother has looked after her son lovingly over the years, but her circumstances have worsened and it is now difficult for her to support the family.

Afrimax started a fundraiser for GoFundMe to help her put food on the table.



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Three years ago, The Sun reported on a child named “Mowgli Girl” who was rescued after being found in wild monkeys.

The protective primates even attacked a police officer when he was trying to rescue the girl from the group in Katarniaghat Forest, India.

And four years ago, father and son were discovered after spending 41 long years in the forest by stunned officials.

After fleeing the Vietnam War, Ho Van Lang and his father Ho Van Thanh lived secretly in deep forests in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai Province for decades.

His birth was considered


His birth was considered a “miracle” for his mother and fatherPhoto credit: short messageThe poor family lives in a Rwandan village


The poor family lives in a Rwandan villagePhoto credit: short messageEllie was born with microcephaly


Ellie was born with microcephalyPhoto credit: short messageThe man's mother said he was spending hours in the jungle


The man’s mother said he was spending hours in the junglePhoto credit: short messageEllie's story reached millions of people online


Ellie’s story reached millions of people onlinePhoto credit: short message

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