Fox And Friends Hosts Are Shocked To Learn That Masks Work Against COVID

Fox and Friends took time Tuesday to discuss the massive spread of the coronavirus and the desperate overcrowded hospital stays. Co-host Steve Doocy ran a poll in Kansas that found some confusing information – for him. Wear masks to protect yourself from infection and infect someone with COVID. works.

Doocy said Kansas looked at the scientific data. This is a first for these idiots.

“In July [Kansas] had a nationwide mandate for masks! “Highlighting his.

Doocy continued, “The problem with Kansas was that some counties would actually enforce it; other counties would not.”

“In the counties where the mask mandate was enforced, the number of cases of coronavirus has actually dropped sharply. In the counties where the mask mandate was not enforced, it has risen sharply,” said Doocy in disbelief.

Ainsley Earhardt replied meekly, “Really?”


“Huh. You just have to do it smartly and safely,” Earhardt said.

Then a lightbulb went out in Doocy’s head and he said, “It means masks seem to work. “

Really what? Masks work!


A politicization of the mask issue by the right is the reason why there have been so many infections and deaths in this country.

Republican COVID science deniers like Scott Atlas, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and most of Fox News have downplayed the severity of COVID to help Trump get re-elected. The result is a uninterrupted national health emergency.

Dr. Fauci had repeatedly asked people for the need for all Americans to wear masks and keep interaction with other people to a minimum while socially distancing themselves.

But since Trump is Dr. Disliked Fauci’s popularity, he resigned from the coronavirus task force. And then he set a crazy herd immunity hole like Dr. Scott Atlas to be the face of the task force.

And to see those three idiots from Fox and Friends sit there and finally agree to that apparently masks work is a criminal offense for the entire scientific community.

But what’s worse is that they harm the health and safety of all Americans.

After the vacation, instead of taking proper medical precautions, millions of people traveled and gathered because right-wing provocateurs said wearing masks was affecting their freedoms.

We pay such a high price for their lies.

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