WATCH: Bill O’Reilly explains why this choice just doesn’t make sense

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Bill O’Reilly clip, but I have an interesting one for you tonight:

The election results are VERY suspicious as they deviate from several historical norms, says @BillOReilly. You have to see his math breakdown!

“Joe Biden lagged behind Hillary Clinton in every major metropolis except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.” pic.twitter.com/krlT51Nr71

– The first (@TheFirstonTV) December 1, 2020

BillO comes up with awkward but interesting numbers that suggest that this choice just doesn’t add up compared to previous elections.

There have been a few that caught my eye, but the one I’ll highlight is the one where O’Reilly stated that Joe Biden found Hillary Clinton the four most suspicious in all of the major metropolitan areas except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia Cities, left behind for massive electoral fraud.

And it does this in the same election that Trump raised his referendum by nearly 11 million. That makes no sense.

Check out the video for a lot more …

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