Go There: Are Colorado Republicans Ready For Martial Law?

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– General Flynn (@GenFlynn) December 1, 2020

Donald Trump, Michael Flynn.

Newsweek reports, and we’ll confess that we snuck in more than a little:

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who was controversially pardoned by President Donald Trump last week, retweeted a call to the White House on Tuesday to declare martial law and rerun last month’s presidential election.

The appeal, filed by the Ohio nonprofit We The People Convention in an advertisement in the Washington Times on Tuesday, called on the president to declare “limited martial law” in order to hold new elections.

The ad cited President Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus during the Civil War as a precedent. He added: “Then, as now, it took a courageous and determined President to keep the Union going.”

The call for the president Donald Trump The declaration of “limited martial law” goes far beyond Trump’s wildly undemocratic expressed goal that GOP-controlled lawmakers ignore the results of the vote in their states and appoint Trump-friendly voters. Trump, who declares martial law and orders the US military to “monitor” a new election just because he lost it, is so eerily un-American, not to mention that even in the civil war he has absolutely no historical precedent that he should be limited to the USA at the bottom of the right margin.

But it is not. Trump’s former national security advisor is now calling for it.

The question when confronted with such a radically inadequate and extreme position is always whether the legitimacy is worth giving an answer to. Now that Michael Flynn has raised that question for discussion, it’s time for every Republican in America – and here in Colorado, starting with Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis–To draw the line.

Or don’t you know In this case, we have taken a big step towards becoming something other than a free country.

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