Reaction Media Review Column 25: Could Abolishing Culture Scare Off the New Generation of Political Commentators?

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Justified with Darren Grimes, YouTube and all podcast platforms

Darren Grimes has a certain reputation – most of it completely undeserved. His reputation should be one of the most articulate voices for Brexit in the country and someone who explains complicated Brexit arguments in a very compelling way. And there aren’t many of them in the pound.

But thanks to the almost evil attempts by the likes of Carole Cadwalladr to smear him and find out he committed all kinds of crimes during the Brexit referendum, those who don’t bother to peek behind the headlines still believe that he must have been awake for nothing good. He has been cleared of all charges against him, but that’s not good enough for Cadwalladr.

Since leaving the Institute of Economics (IEA), Grimes has launched his own podcast and YouTube channel called Reasoned. He focuses on interviewing leading lights on the right, but throws in the weird curveball like a pretty insightful interview he did with his younger brother Craig about the impact of anti-coronavirus measures in their northeastern hometown. The articulation clearly runs in the family.

Too often, Darren Grimes is silenced – or canceled in modern slang – by television and radio producers who still think he’s too hot to handle. Yes, he does appear on some programs, but the resulting abuse he receives on all social media is something to see. The abuse is also directed against the producers who book it and the moderators who interview it, leading many of them to believe that it just isn’t worth the hassle online to have it back.

Grimes’ most recent headline moment was when he met historian Dr. David Starkey interviewed. In the hour-long interview, Starkey used the phrase “those bloody blacks”. Starkey later tried to contextualize his comment in a long article in The Critic magazine, apologizing for the comments, and later seemed to understand why they caused such insults. But in today’s world there is no room for nuance. For the watching Twitter mob, it was clear evidence that he was a racist.

However, it was his interviewer Grimes who was also attacked for failing to challenge him. It was a rookie mistake. Was he also in awe of Starkey (who he said was one of the heroes) to step in, or was he just missing the moment? His critics accused him of sympathizing with Starkey through his sin of omission. That’s ridiculous. Grimes learns his trade as an interviewer. It’s a process that I went through too. The worst that can be accused of his naivete is nothing more. And those who think differently have an agenda. Any excuse to fell a large poppy; It is the country’s largest export.

I can see the day when Grimes may think it’s just not worth it anymore and he leaves the world of political campaigning and debating for Willows anew. Our political body would be worse for that. But I wouldn’t blame him. It’s something that goes through our minds these days of constant online abuse. Why are we still grappling with it? Because we can’t get rid of the political virus that’s in our bloodstream. And for many there is also a sense of duty for something. If people like Grimes don’t take their case further, who will? If he and others give in to the mobs of the extreme left, they have won.

The Vice Presidential Debate, Sky News, CNN and BBC

In terms of spectacle, this placed after the Lord Mayor’s show, but it was all the better for it. It reminded us that it is still possible to have debates with respect, humor and courtesy.

The post-game commentary was perhaps less interesting than last week in Cleveland, but everyone felt that there really is a better way to interact with your opponents and that was it. Kamala Harris used humor well, and even when she disagreed with Mike Pence, she did it in a pleasant way. Pence is at an age where he still believes you will treat every woman with respect and he would never go the path Trump did with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Its lines of attack were measured and it was seldom interrupted, although Harris once politely replied, “Would you mind? I speak now. “Yes, it was a reprimand, but not an aggressive one.

Next week in Florida we’re back on the dark side. As I write, it has been stated that the second Trump / Biden debate will be a virtual one, which Trump has hinted at that he may refuse to participate.

If it goes on, it should be easier to at least hit the mute button. One can only hope.

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