Senator David Perdue on his January 5, 2021 run-off race and President Trump’s unreserved support for him

Senator David Perdue came to see me this morning:




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Hugh Hewitt:

HH: This is Chuck Schumer in Manhattan who threatens to take Georgia and annex it to Manhattan. He wants to defeat the man who is joining me now, Senator David Perdue. Good morning, senator. Welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

DP: Good morning, Hugh.

HH: That quote is perhaps the most infamous quote in modern American political history. What do Georgians think of Chuck Schumer, who threatens to take their state?

DP: Well, they’re responding to that, and I think that’s going to help us push this vote out, Hugh. I mean look. If we win Georgia, we’ll save America. And you need to listen to AOC too. You called that the other day. AOC said yes that same week, we need to have those two seats in Georgia. We don’t want to negotiate. You want total control, Hugh. You want an eco-friendly new deal without compromise. And we just can’t let that happen. America’s eyes are on every voter in Georgia. We just have to get this vote out.

HH: Well Senator Perdue, you defeated your opponent Jon Ossoff by 88,000 votes on November 3rd. I think you will do it again. Do you think it will be a bigger margin?

DP: It has every opportunity to do so, but only if we cast our vote. I mean right now the Democrats are pushing hard. We bring resources from all over the country. Oprah is here. They’re bringing Obama back out just to cast their vote. We do the same. We have a strong ground game. But it’s up to every single voter. And look like you said, Hugh, this is the last line of defense against this radical agenda that you are trying to carry out. And it’s on the Democratic Party platform. It is not a mystery what they will do.

HH: Now President Trump is coming to promote you and Kelly Loeffler this weekend, Senator Perdue. And the vice president is coming this week. Every conservative I know, every real conservative, and many moderates, and even some Democrats, stand up for you. Is the President’s support unreserved? … We lost you, Senator. He is back again. So Senator Perdue, when we dumped you, I asked the President to promote you this weekend. The vice president is coming next week. I’ve noticed every conservative I know, many moderates, and some Democrats stand up for you. Do you have the president’s unreserved support?

DP: Absolutely. I’ve spoken to him several times this week. He’s coming to Valdosta, Georgia tomorrow. The vice president is here today. The president is coming for a reason and that is to get the vote. We have to protect what we have achieved in the past four years under President Trump – the regulatory work, the energy work, the tax work, the banking work that sparked that economic turn that we enjoyed. Six and a half million people, Hugh, have pulled out of poverty because of the economic work we have done under President Trump. He wants to protect that. He also knows that this is our last stand of defense against what Schumer and Pelosi, AOC and these radical left in the Democratic Party are now trying to do against America. So he can complain about the problems in the president’s race and the number of votes here in Georgia and the like, and honestly, he’s every right to be. It’s embarrassing. At the same time, its main role is to help us achieve this alignment.

HH: Now Jon Ossoff, your opponent, is a 33 year old leftist of the AOC radicals. And I mean, compared to you when you ran Reebok, when you ran Dollar General, you signed paychecks. You haven’t redeemed it. I don’t think he ever had a real job. Am I right about that? I know I’m right about how radical he is. Am I right about his real job that lacks expertise?

DP: Well you are spot on. His father bought a business and created a job for him. And for the past nine years, his biggest customer has been al Jazeera. We all know that they are the mouthpiece of terrorists. For the past two years he has worked for PCCW, a Chinese communist media company owned by China Unicom. So he worked for a Chinese communist company to do propaganda for them and then hid it from the people of Georgia until he was caught. He then published the information and later denied it again in a debate. So this is a young man who basically has no career, no real world experience, and is a career politician. He just wasn’t elected. And so he ran against Karen Handel here in Georgia and was beaten. We’ll beat him again this time.

HH: And you’ve hit him before. It’s like three times and maybe he’ll go away. How important is this race? Let’s assume again that someone lived on another planet, they just shone. How important is this race to Senate control? What does that mean for the country?

DP: In short, if Schumer gets it, it’s 50-48 right, Hugh. If he gets 50 votes, if Biden is the president and the vice president breaks ties in the Senate, they have a majority. This means that you can add two new states. He’s going to change the filibuster rule, which is a 60-vote rule, and then they can do whatever they want with 51 votes or 50 votes in the Senate. They will grab the Court, they will add new states and democratic seats, and it will eventually abolish the electoral college. And then they can implement that agenda – the green new deal, open borders, illegal immigrants cutting off the military, just like Biden did with Obama and just like Bill Clinton. You have cut military spending by 25%. And I know that is very important to you. And they want to get rid of private health insurance. This is a socialist agenda that they want to pursue and they cannot do it in a divided Congress. You need to be in total control.

HH: Now you’re running next to Kelly Loeffler. And her opponent, Rafael Warnock, is even to the left of Jon Ossoff. And he said it’s incompatible, you can’t serve God and the military. Georgia is a nice military state, isn’t it, Senator Perdue?

DP: That’s it. I mean, this is one of our great legacies that goes back to the War of Independence. I mean, Georgia’s one of the first 13 colonies, and one of six reasons why 13 colonies came together and formed the United States, was to protect itself. And our military is an integral part of our ethos. It is the second largest part of our economy. We have nine military bases here. Jon Ossoff wants to close two of these bases. Rafael Warnock says that one cannot serve God and the military. In addition, America was built on genocide. This guy is on Jon Ossoff’s left and they’re both on AOC’s left. These are the two most liberal candidates the Democrats may have proposed in my life.

HH: I think that’s true. You, some other people, may have run for the Senate and didn’t get the nomination, but I don’t think there was ever another Democratic candidate on Ossoff’s left, and Warnock is Ossoff’s left.

DP: Yeah.

HH: Let me talk about judges for a second, Senator Perdue. You proudly supported Judge Barrett’s confirmation to become Judge Barrett. They supported Judge Kavanaugh’s affirmation to become Justice Kavanaugh. You supported Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation of becoming Judge Gorsuch. I think Jon Ossoff would have resisted all three.

DP: Of course he would. And that’s an important point. It will be a stamp for Chuck Schumer. And people say well, no, he will go up and be independent. No, that is not true. Chuck Schumer’s rules in the Senate make Chuck Schumer powerful there. And those two votes, if they got those two in the Senate, it would only be two votes for everything Chuck Schumer wanted to do, which means they wouldn’t have voted for three judges that we just presented. Amy Coney Barrett in any real world should be acceptable to everyone. And yet everyone voted against her. And that means if Chuck Schumer gets power he’ll fill the court with activists, Hugh. These are people who want to make laws, not just apply laws. And that enables them to protect what they do in law. It permanently throws the balance between executive, judicial and legislative branches off.

HH: I want to go into the weeds too, Senator Perdue. This is a demanding audience. We operate in 13 branches in Georgia. Federal judges come in three flavors – the Supreme Court, the Appeals Court, and the District Court. For this purpose we are assuming an elected President Biden. You will continue to have control over the district court judges who rule the future of the Georgia litigation, as they will not be confirmed until their state’s senators return blue slip. If you and Kelly Loeffler lose, radicals Ossoff and Warnock will become radicals, I mean radical trial judges.

DP: Well, that’s her story. I mean, we saw it, you know, which judges they have already used those three levels of judgment on. And so we know what they will do when they get the majority. That’s why I keep saying that this is the last line of defense. And if we lose this fight, we have no further opportunity to get it back. That sounds draconian, Hugh, but it really is the truth. Once they move to a one-party system that has been tried in countries like Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea, Iran, it just doesn’t work anymore. And I can’t imagine how they’re selling that to the people they’re trying to sell it to.

HH: I have to let you go, so what is the website Senator Perdue?

DP: www.perduesenate.com. Thank you, Hugh. God protect you people.

HH: Be healthy. www.perduesenate.com. www.perduesenate.com.

End of the interview.

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