Let’s get ready for RATIOOO! Blue-Check The LOSER tries to make up a story about a Trump supporter running away from him and YES no

We’d play the Jeopardy snark game here with Nate McMurray’s lame tweet about him supposedly intimidating a Trump supporter in a big truck, but we’re still grieving for Alex Trebek and that just doesn’t seem appropriate.

Plus, this guy didn’t deserve the jeopardy treatment.

Come on really dude?

I saw a huge truck with Trump flags. I was in the same crowd so I couldn’t resist. I drove over and, against my better judgment, asked him, “Why?” I was expecting a stocky looking guy. Let’s just say it didn’t. He hurried off and I thought …

“Ah. Therefore …”

– Nate McMurray (@Nate_McMurray) December 4, 2020

For sure.

Sure he did.

And then he noticed that a school bus full of orphaned children was being driven by a nun who was being taken over by a large group of ninja grizzlies and ran over to rescue them all …

Hey, that’s about as believable as Nate’s story about the mysterious Trump supporter who slipped away.

Adorable fantasy, did your social justice warrior chest swell with pride?

– Jolly Old Smirk (@FoundersGirl) December 5, 2020

You don’t have the balls.

– RebekahLeigh (@ RebekahLeigh79) December 5, 2020

– Wonton 🔴 Hammer (@CyberWonton) December 5, 2020

Isn’t it new for you to approach people in parking lots?

– Tugboat-Elect Phil (@TugboatPhil) December 4, 2020

* Snort *

– AmErican Christmas (@ Flipper628) December 5, 2020

Your bravery knows no bounds. Hats off to you, sir.

– Mon Mon (@MollyRatty) December 6, 2020

Do you want to know what’s funny?


– Mon Mon (@MollyRatty) December 6, 2020

So easy.

Too simple.

And too funny.



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