Apocalypse now?

Did Joe Biden and the Democrats steal this year’s presidential election? Polls show that a large number of Americans, including many Democrats, believe they did this. I don’t know if the election was stolen or not. I will say this: The Democrats have gone to great lengths to commit or enable election fraud. To take just a few examples, in a number of states, including my own, they used corrupt, collusive litigation to remove the minimal security measures that prevented fraudulent mail-in votes, such as requiring signatures to be witnessed Need to become. Why should they do this? Obviously, they didn’t want these protections to stand in the way of fraud.

And in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, Democrats banned Republican election observers from the buildings where mail-in votes were evaluated and tabulated. Republicans had to seek court orders to be admitted to the premises long after the count began. Why should the Democrats lock out Republicans? Because you wanted to count the votes honestly?

Election fraud has long been a problem and I think this year has been worse than ever. Has Fraud Waved The Choice? As far as I know, important questions remain unanswered. In several key states, ballot counting was suspended (or reportedly suspended, in the case of Georgia) in the middle of the night. Then, as the counting resumed, suddenly a tremendous number of ballot slips, which were mostly for Joe Biden – with margins that couldn’t possibly be correct, not 60/40 but, say, 98/2 – were counted. Did the Democrats offer an explanation for what happened or confirmation that these near-unanimous tranches of Biden votes actually existed? Not that I know of.

The mere facts are suspect to say the least. More than 74 million Americans voted for President Trump, 12 million more votes than in 2016 and far more than any party presidential candidate has ever received. And we’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden, a mentally retarded senior who refused to campaign and seldom left his basement, whose candidacy virtually no one outside his immediate family was enthusiastic about, smashed all records by getting 81 million Americans to vote for him 12 million more than voted for Barack Obama in 2008? Actual Americans living legally voting only once? With millions of those voters not voting, was it a good year for Republicans other than the presidential election? I do not believe it

The cold reality is that the electoral college will meet in eight days on December 14th. There is no way that the various legal challenges of the Trump campaign, meritorious or not, will be resolved in time to make a difference. That means Joe Biden will be initiated under a cloud. Nearly half of Americans, in my opinion, will likely correctly believe that he didn’t actually win the election. Trials continue, but perhaps more importantly, enterprising writers will write books about the election. Some will argue that the Democrats stole the president’s race, others will try to defend Biden’s “victory”. Book authors will have the benefit of time, but what they will not have is subpoena power. They will not be able to force documents or witness testimony so their analyzes will inevitably be highly speculative. The debate continues, with the partisans on both sides largely believing what they want to believe.

So what are conservatives going to do? Two friends of mine who are not exaggerating see this emerging situation in terms that could be described as apocalyptic. Roger Kimball writes on American Greatness:

As more and more “anomalies” emerged, the narrative had to shift again. A few weeks ago it said, “Maybe there was pretty widespread fraud – it’s a big country, after all – but it wasn’t serious enough that it changed the way the elections went.”

I thought it was an odd answer because when you talk about “after all” Biden’s profit margin ranged from thin to paper thin: about 11,000 votes in Arizona, roughly the same in Georgia, 20,000 votes in Wisconsin. Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania is 80,000, but that’s small, too, considering Trump was ahead by around 700,000 votes by around midnight. What happened?

I think I know, but let’s take a look at the narrative here next weekend. Now the voice of the narrative is saying, “Maybe there was widespread fraud and maybe it influenced the outcome in some places, but now it’s too late. Voters will meet on December 14th, and sticking to any challenge would mean disrupting the process, which is sacrosanct. ”

What should conservatives do?

If the legislature and legal powers are asked to review the election match in the narrative and reject Donald Trump, I believe the “process” they endorse will be the process by which the election was rigged and then stolen. It will be a confirmation of illegitimacy under the guise of principled face rescue. The real goal – unspecified but ubiquitous – is to ensure that no one like Donald Trump can ever be re-elected. They could just do that. The cost will further, perhaps fatally, undermine the legitimacy of our electoral system.
Beliefs in fairness have been shattered to the point of recovery, and adoption of a shared consensus seems increasingly to be a naive pretext when it comes to more than just a cynical game of husting.

Meanwhile, Roger Simon writes in the Epoch Times:

2021 will be a year of massive civil disobedience in the United States of America.

How this civil disobedience will manifest itself I am not sure, but it will come.
[T]The seventy-four million or so Trump supporters who feel disenfranchised not only by the manipulations of the opposing party and their media friends but also by the sizeable number of self-interested leaders in their own party who betrayed them are unlikely to resort to violence like the antifa sociopaths.
But if the same patriotic people known as the “deplorable” oppose it violently, all bets are void.

Civil disobedience will turn into civil war.

I think civil war is a distant possibility, but disagreement seems like a practical alternative. This is a big topic for the ongoing discussion.

[M]I suspect this new (and more genuine) “resistance” will take three forms: 1. Mass and growing demonstrations; 2. Failure to pay taxes, impending bankruptcy of the treasury, as most of these people are hardworking and busy; 3. A general movement of what we might call John Galt-ism, after the character in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Large numbers of our citizens will simply check out and return to their own farms or versions of them as the Roman Emperor Cincinnatus is said to have done.

That seems like an optimistic hope to me.

A third commentator, Michael Barone, Dean of American Political Analysts, also writes on how conservatives might react to the alleged inauguration of Joe Biden:

[W]We have or had a norm against the delegitimization of election results. In 1960, Richard Nixon decided to follow this standard and not question the results in several states. In 2000, Al Gore denied the results in Florida but conceded and moved to the bar after the final court ruling.

Not so in 2016. In violation of longstanding norms, intelligence from the Obama administration and law enforcement agencies spied on the opposition party’s campaign. Officials offered the seedy Steele dossier in the FISA court without revealing that it was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

In violation of longstanding norms, the Democrats refused to accept the result as legitimate. “I’m not going to join this. I’ll fight back, ”tweeted the liberal think tank boss Neera Tanden (Joe Biden’s election as head of the administration and budget) five days after the election. The Democrats called themselves “Resistance,” suggesting that the Trump administration was morally equivalent to the pro-Hitler-Vichy regime in France.

Leading Democrats – Hillary Clinton, MP Jerrold Nadler, the late MP John Lewis, Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter – repeatedly called Trump an “illegitimate” president. For three years the Democrats drove the Russia collusion fraud without finding or producing any evidence, with the exception of the discredited Steele dossier.

After this appalling record, the Democrats are calling on the rest of us to “unite” the land behind the mentally retarded Joe Biden. It’s not going to happen.

Democrats, dismayed that many Americans are not meekly accepting the legitimacy of the Biden presidency, are learning a lesson that was taught a very long time ago. You reap what you sow.

I don’t know if civil disobedience to the Biden regime will be widespread, but I doubt it. We will not #resist by illegal or dishonest means either, as the Democrats have done over the past four years through insane fraud with Russia agreements and many other means. But within these parameters, conservatives should not specify an inch. For the sake of what is left of our country, let us support the Biden government and the Democrats at every turn for the next four years.

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