Smiths Detection is working with Italian Customs to help rebuild the Port of Beirut

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4th December 202043

Smiths Detection recently announced that it will offer free training and assistance in the operation of two Smiths Detection mobile x-ray vans that were donated to the port of Beirut by the Italian Customs Service (ADM).

The two scanners, donated to Lebanon through the Italian Embassy, ​​are helping to rebuild operations in the port of Beirut, which were badly affected by the August 4th explosion.

The scanners can be used to quickly check incoming goods at the port in order to uncover possible threats or illegal items.

Nicolo Gattullo, Smiths Detection Italia’s Service & AM Director, commented, “This law fully embodies the Smiths Group’s values ​​that go beyond business by offering its technology and skills to international free trade cooperation between countries and improve daily control of ports and borders.

“The initiative was launched by chance thanks to the interest of the local service team, and the management team approved it without hesitation. Smiths joined the solidarity initiative and offered specific know-how to enable the Lebanese government to fully exploit the potential of the two scanners received.

“That makes us proud to be part of this company.”

Images courtesy of the Customs and Monopolies Authority (ADM)

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