The continuity state speaks. Forget about Golfgate. Fear the Shinners!

Journalist John Lee admonished Micheál Martin, Leo Varadkar and Eamon Ryan on tabloid not so much for the poor performance of their shotgun coalition and the subsequent undermining of public confidence in the integrity of the ruling parties … Well, you can Have you guessed the main concerns of the high-ranking political editor of the conservative DMG Media Group after the so-called Golfgate scandal?

… Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are united in government buildings in a death pact in which they sit down for as long as possible to fend off a Sinn Féin sweep.

Anyone who admires the achievements of the Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael governments of the past and values ​​democracy should want these parties to reform and prosper. The alternative is Sinn Féin, who comes from a communist tradition and runs an autocratic, democracy-free organization.

Since the 2008 bank guarantee, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have separated and collectively undermined the long tradition of centrist consensus in Irish politics – and slowly ceded the ability to be in tune with the average voter to Sinn Féin.

If they continue to work as they were, the center just won’t hold.

And the terrible beauty of a Sinn Féin government is born.

Oh yes, breaking the Crony duopoly by voting at the ballot box. What a terrible thought. Enough to make the average right-wing Irish journo tremble in his boots. Especially one who is married to an aspiring Fianna Fáil politician. Although a formerly scandalous pole, which actually never managed to get elected for anything, somehow managed to get a place in the upper house of the Oireachtas. What was the “democracy-free” policy of the SF Commander in Chief of the Oirish Daily Mail?

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