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The lame duck Trump is in disgrace before she is dismissed from office

In addition, Trump suddenly yanks a group of troops from Afghanistan, rushes to auction oil rights at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to further destroy the planet, rushes to deprive officials of decades of occupational health and safety, and hurtles another 50 miles of his precious border wall.

All of these actions cause significant damage. With a little time and effort, many of them can be reversed one way or another – they just pile on the cleanup of Trump’s toxic waste zone that the incoming Biden administration has to do. And the legacies that cannot be reversed – at least in the near future – are confirmed by the Senate Republicans in a quick clip. (While these are lifelong appointments, the federal justice system could potentially be expanded at a later date to reduce its influence.)

But these actions are not the least bit normal for a lame duck president and so predictable Trump. Former presidents have usually stopped implementing key policies to pave the way for their successors to reshape the government and implement the agenda they have implemented and won as quickly as possible. It’s about respecting people’s will.

But for Trump, the over 80 million Americans who voted against him are traitors. Ignoring them and undermining their will is perfectly fair and even an act of patriotism.

It’s also completely delusional. The winners write the history books. And at this point, Trump is nothing more than a sour grape loser and will go down as the president’s biggest mistake in history. As one political journalist noted on Twitter, this is the “end of a mistake”.

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