Youth terrorist who beheaded French teachers at the hero’s funeral in Chechnya

A youthful terrorist who beheaded a French teacher near Paris was buried by a hero in his native Chechnya.

The footage shows mourners at the ceremony for Abdullakh Anzorov, 18, singing “Allahu Akbar”, which means “God is great”, as they walked next to the murderer’s coffin.

The body of the terrorist who beheaded the teacher Samuel Paty was brought back from France to his home village of Shalazi on Saturday.

Anzorov was shot dead by French police a few minutes after the beheading on October 16.

Around 200 people attended the Muslim funeral under snow-covered conditions, said BAZA media, which reported that Anzorov was buried “with honors”.

His body was carried through the village by mourners in the Urus-Martanovsky district.

Mourners walk next to Abdullakh Anzorov’s coffin during a funeral procession

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The entrances to Shalazi – 5,330 residents – were blocked by 65 police officers to prevent others from attending.

One street was unofficially named after the juvenile terrorist, reports say.

The video of the mourners praying as they walked with Anzorov was shared on multiple platforms.

18-year-old Anzorov was shot dead by the police after the gruesome murder

The teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded in an attack near Paris in October

One carried a message praising him as “The Lion of Islam”.

A message with the video read: “The lion of Islam arrived on home soil today and has returned to earth.

“Nobody but Allah has strength and power.”

The 47-year-old Paty was beheaded at the gates of the college, where he was teaching in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine north of Paris.

The murder followed an online campaign by Muslim parents who were angry with him for showing students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The teacher had used the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo magazine as part of a class on the importance of free speech.

One street was unofficially named after the juvenile terrorist, reports say

The entrances to Shalazi – 5,330 residents – were sealed by 65 police officers

He reportedly asked Muslim students to leave the classroom before showing the cartoons to avoid being offended.

Last month, three students were charged with identifying Paty to Anzorov before she was beheaded.

Another was accused of lying that she was present when he showed the cartoons.

The Chechen allegedly told students that he wanted to “humiliate and beat” Paty for the cartoons that Muslims consider offensive.

The body of the murderer was carried through the village by mourners in the Urus-Martanovsky district

Many of the signs were related to Charlie Hebdo

Thousands of mourners gathered in France in October to commemorate Mr Paty

He apparently sent a video shortly before the murder.

This showed him with a knife and a gun.

Later he sent a message that said, “Say prayers for me, I am going to take exams today and I hope that thanks to Allah’s help, I will succeed.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said the slaughter was “a typical Islamist terrorist attack” and “our compatriot was killed for teaching children free speech”.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the hardline leader of Chechnya, alleged that Mr Macron “forced the people to terrorism … gave them no choice” by justifying the cartoons.

The Chechen leader was unusually dejected by the Kremlin and asked to stay out of foreign policy issues.

He struck back defiantly and said, “I cannot and will not quietly watch atheists make fun of religion.”

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