BREAKING: The Supreme Court is denying the Pennsylvania case, which is questioning election results

The Supreme Court just denied Pennsylvania’s motion to question the state’s election results:

BREAKING: The Supreme Court just rejected efforts to revoke Pennsylvania certification for Biden. #SCOTUS doesn’t hear the case. @Fox News

“The application for an injunction brought before the Alito judiciary and referred to the Court of Justice is denied.” pic.twitter.com/omhJLc9s1g

– David Spunt (@davidspunt) December 8, 2020

BREAKING: SCOTUS denies efforts by Pennsylvania Republicans to challenge election results. pic.twitter.com/recMDgBXzH

– Jennifer Franco (@jennfranconews) December 8, 2020

This is the case brought before my Congressman Mike Kelly and the order reads: “The injunction brought before Alito Justice and referred to court by Alito is denied.”

Which means Ted Cruz won’t discuss the case in the Supreme Court.

I think Congress could still turn down Pennsylvania voters in January, but it still seems like an uphill battle without the Supreme Court ruling the state law unconstitutional.

But don’t forget that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Texas case, and maybe that decision means that this case could be well founded?

TO UPDATE: From Mark Levin:

Unfortunately SCOTUS could not or did not want to cobble together 4 members to stop the lawlessness of the PA officials. It was a very solid case with clear covenant implications, but they denied the relief. I’ll be discussing at length on my radio show tonight. Http://t.co/J1Rccts2iv

– Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) December 8, 2020

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