Polis State is confiscating property to enforce compliance with ever-changing COVID rules

It is not enough that the polis state has infiltrated Weld County regulators to impose the random governor’s edicts on small businesses on the color-coded COVID wheel of economic doom.

State regulators are now confiscating property elsewhere and threatening to sell wholesalers to restaurateurs whose alcohol permits have been torn down by avengers for the crime of serving minors opening their door.

In a Compliance Alert issued on Saturday, the bureaucrats strongly ordered wholesalers not to distribute to Parrotts Sports Grill, Lyons Den Restaurant and Taphouse, Bulldog Dell & Pizza and El Charro Restaurant.

Several posts on a restaurant’s Facebook page state that state vengers have even confiscated their entire liquor supply, 9News confirms.

Without a warrant, regulators left Lyons Den Restaurant and Taphouse in Boulder County with $ 5,000 worth of shares.

We don’t need a stinking arrest warrant to seize property, is the stance of the polis state.

“… (I) t does not fall within our administrative powers as a licensing authority. This was an administrative act, not a criminal one, “State Revenue Department spokeswoman Suzi Karrer told 9News.

In the state of Polis, where we all now live, it’s okay for bureaucrats to seize our property without a warrant just days after the governor changed his mind about the restrictions on his color-coded COVID wheel, which also orders for the Staying at home defines when we can go to work or school.

And companies watch out, if you continue to partner with these corporate scoffers you might be targeted in retaliation next.

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