A “normal man”: John Lennon expert on the man behind the legend

December 8th marked the 40th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon.

The Beatle legend died at the age of 40 after being shot and killed by Mark David Chapman on the night of December 8, 1980 when he and his wife Yoko Ono returned to their Upper West Side Manhattan apartment.

Lennon is widely considered to be one of the most influential and well-known musicians in rock and roll history, but who was he as a man?

“John is now considered a saint in many ways. He wears his white suit with possibly a halo over his shoulder. And John was anything but that,” Jude Kessler, author of the biography of the John Lennon series, told Euronews Tonight.

“John was a man from the north of England. A drinking, cursing, laughing, bizarre, smart man who had no problem joining rock and roll.”

“He was a normal man. It also happened that he was an extremely gifted composer and author of two award-winning books of poetry and prose” as well as “a peace activist who took 5,000 people through the streets of New York City in order to help Rights of Ireland to enter. “

“He did everything in art, but he was just a normal person.”

(Check out the full interview in the player above).

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