Bosch publishes the latest version of its Building Integration System that enables contactless access

Bosch has released version 4.8 of its Building Integration System (BIS), which offers secure, touchless access control solutions to contain the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. BIS 4.8 supports the authentication of biometric and mobile devices and offers building managers an improved integration of fire and burglar protection panels.

Safe access in the new reality

Facing the global coronavirus pandemic, building operators need to rethink their access control solutions. Instead of systems that require physical contact and thereby increase the risk of virus transmission, preference is given to contactless solutions that still meet the highest security guidelines. In response to these requirements, BIS 4.8 extends the trusted features and benefits of version 4.7 and now works with three different contactless solutions that protect personal health:

Face recognition: BIS 4.8 has been redesigned to work with Idemia’s facial recognition solution. The facial recognition device receives a biometric scan from a safe distance and compares facial features with credentials in an encrypted database. Doors and gates open via the BIS Access Engine and the Bosch Access Modular Controller (AMC2).

Contactless fingerprint reader: BIS 4.8 is integrated into the Morphowave reader from Idemia and controls access via a contactless fingerprint scanner. A simple hand movement in front of the contactless sensor triggers a 3D scan of four fingers. Access rights are confirmed in less than a second from the system’s fingerprint database for a clean and highly secure solution.

Access via mobile phones: In conjunction with the mobile access control solutions from STid and HID, the BIS 4.8 enables users to use their mobile phone instead of a card to access the secure reader. The STid Mobile ID requires a STid reader for the method, while a Bosch Lectus secure reader works with the HID Mobile Access solution. All users need to do is install an app to check access rights and use the secure wireless technology.

Aside from making contactless access easier, all three solutions are intuitive, fast and convenient compared to key cards and similar methods, as there is no need to carry an access card or save a password to gain access to a building or area.

Seamless integration of fire and intrusion plates

The combination of BIS 4.8 with intrusion panels from the Bosch B and G series or MAP 5000 panels opens up a new level of convenience: users only need one authorization card to control two systems. The deactivation of areas of the intrusion system and the granting of access can be implemented with the same badge on the same reader without having to enter a PIN code for simple authorization in one step.

Improved flexibility and efficiency

With the introduction of version 4.8, BIS continues to standardize the management of multiple security domains and maximizes flexibility for important customer requirements. The new features include:

Integration of the latest Bosch Avenar 2000 and 8000 fire control panels as well as peripheral devices as well as control and control via BIS with devices and status displayed on maps and events that are managed more intuitively via an alarm list Will be directly in BIS for up to 2,000 users in up to to 25 intrusion panels instead of treating the permissions in each of the 25 panels separately. Central overview of all existing access and intrusion authorizations for the B and G series for complete installation in one system.

With these updates, BIS 4.8 helps operators meet the health and safety requirements of the new reality without compromising functionality and safety. As a centralized platform for operational building management, the new version of BIS offers more convenience, flexibility and efficiency.

You can find more information about BIS 4.8 at the following link:

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