The Oireachtas Golf Society: The golden circle in the game

What on earth was on the mind of the eighty former and serving politicians, officials, members of the judiciary and the media, and businessmen and lobbyists, who held a memorial dinner party at the Station House Hotel in Clifden, County Galway, last Wednesday evening ? After several months of pandemic restrictions and concerns in the country, surely someone at the allegedly lavish gathering must have thought that this was not the best idea, even if government regulations were relaxed? Or was it, as many now believe, that most of the participants felt that there was one rule here for the minority and another rule out here for the majority?

The exclusivity of the Clifden meeting is underscored by the discovery that some left-wing members of the Oireachtas were unaware of the existence of the Oireachtas Golf Society, a harmless-sounding name for a club whose membership stems mainly from the upper range traditional parties of the center- Right-wing government, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labor, as well as the usual gene pool supporters. This reinforces the allegation that excessive influence in this country continues to lie in the hands of the former Golden Circle: a deeply rooted power trade cartel with common interests in politics, the press and business.

The crisis-prone coalition administration, led by Micheál Martin, is clearly intent on weathering the storm sparked by the scandal, hoping to allay public outrage by resigning and removing whips from erroneous party members as they move on to the next round the news waiting cycle. The real expression of remorse from some figures in the ruling parties was offset, among other things, by the attitude that their only real regret is to be caught in the first place. And her confusion over her cozy sub Rosa Hooley being exposed in the media by her nominal friends and allies.

All of this naturally adds further fuel to the anti-science and anti-lockdown fires that various far-right and old-right agitators are trying to light up across Ireland, and whose conspiratorial opinions are beginning to take hold in some parts of the US domestic internet.

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