Mary Lou McDonald: “A United Ireland Will Happen in a Decade”

I have some mixed views about British journalist Owen Jones, who is a little too clinging to the censored bias in contemporary Anglo-American left politics for my taste, but I would definitely recommend subscribing to his new YouTube channel which has presented some interesting guests in the last few weeks. Notable among these was the egregious ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan, who gave Jones a challenging time in a largely polite debate about the socio-cultural upheaval in Britain and other western countries.

The most recent interview on the Google platform is with Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald. Though the friendly style consists mostly of softball issues, it gives the space to one of the country’s most prominent Republican figures to share their views on Irish electoral politics, the twin crises of Brexit and Covid-19, and their belief that a referendum on reunification will be held before the end of the decade will be held.

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