Of course, “Honey Badger” on the Trump Coup Gravy Boat

Former Secretary of State Scott Gessler, aka “Honey Badger”.

Bottom line in yesterday’s newsletter from the Colorado Sun political crew, an intriguing headline tidbit about Colorado’s much better known agents in the ongoing alt-facts drama Donald Trumps Inability to admit he lost the 2020 election Colorado Christian University Jenna Ellis.

Of all the Republicans in Colorado, before Ellis comes on stage, who is the one who you probably suspect is working to undo small-D democracy and grant Trump another four-year term in court? If you guessed the former GOP foreign minister Scott “Honey Badger” Gessler, you win a prize!

Disclaimer: There is no price.

Gessler, a Republican, verified statements from six unnamed people, including election officials, who asked questions about how Nevada conducted its postal vote. In his report, he concluded, “I believe that Nevada has not implemented a reliable universal postal voting system that creates confidence that Nevada’s electorate Joe Biden gave the state six votes.”

Understood? Scott Gessler spoke to six people whose names we do not know, and based on what they told him and Gessler’s supposed expertise about how elections work (more on that in a moment), he is ready to conclude that the state Nevada was elected because the president should be overworked or called off or whatever the overall goal of the Trump right-wing campaign is as there are clearly no winning cases at this point.

And since this is Scott Gessler, bet the bottom dollar in your discretionary account that he won’t carry the waters of the Trump campaign pro bono:

It’s not quite what Jenna Ellis is supposedly pulling down per billable hour, but it’s a good price if you can get it! And we can certainly see how this could be a boon to Gessler looking to raise his profile before heading to head the Colorado Republican Party. But of course the sun dutifully pointed us out to the inevitable story of CLASS TV In Las Vegas last Friday, the case in which Gessler gave his “expert opinion” met the same fate as most of the other forty cases of Trump election challenges:

A judge in Nevada has denied President Donald Trump’s motion to declare the president the winner in Nevada and invalidate the election results. In his ruling, Judge James Russell also hired lawyers for the campaign to pay the defendants’ legal fees …

“Participants have not demonstrated under any standard of evidence that illegal votes were cast and counted, or that statutory votes were not counted for any other improper or illegal reason, or in an amount of 33,596 or more, or otherwise not counted at all. An amount sufficient to to raise reasonable doubts about the election result, ”wrote Russell in his order.

Ouch. On the other hand, anyone familiar with Scott Gessler’s report of unsubstantiated allegations of massive election fraud has a crusade that he led for years as Secretary of State and that erupted pathetically after his claims dwindled from “tens of thousands” of “illegal voters” to thousands. then hundreds, then dozens, and finally less than half a dozen individual cases, that outcome could have been predicted for any argument based on its so-called “expertise”.

Gessler’s proven fictional allegations of electoral fraud made Republicans a joke in the eyes of Colorado voters, and landmark electoral reforms in 2013, including postal voting and same-day registration, proved that reforms Gessler had bleakly warned about turned into disaster would perform very well and have resulted in historic turnout rates in Colorado elections.

What we are saying, and we believe it is very defensible based on his records, is that there may not be anyone in America less credible to claim that the election of another state was unfairly carried out than Scott Gessler. Along with the backward-fired cartoon that Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis’ ridiculously overrated “constitutional” experience of Gessler’s role as an “expert witness” to support Trump’s attempt to topple the 2020 elections couldn’t possibly be more perfectly ridiculous.

But after Gessler had charged for that Recall Polis 1.0 Campaign for thousands of fleece donations, this is not a question of integrity.

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