Chinese stewards asked to wear NAPPIES to stop the spread of Covid by not using airplane toilets

Chinese cabin crew are asked to wear NAPPIES to prevent the spread of Covid on “high risk” flights.

Affected flight managers in Beijing want flight attendants to be given disposable diapers to prevent them from using airplane baths.

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China’s Civil Aviation Authority wants flight crew to wear diapers (inventory)

The Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) is making the bizarre recommendation for flights to and from countries where the infection rate is more than 500 people per million.

In its newly updated list of Covid guidelines, the CAAC states: “It is recommended that cabin crew wear disposable diapers and only use the toilet in special circumstances in order to reduce the risk of infection.”

The unusual advice is given in a section on wearing personal protective equipment on board, Bloomberg reports.

The safety of the bathroom in passenger jets has been under the microscope since the beginning of the pandemic.

In June the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) proposed restricting the use of toilets and using separate bathrooms for passengers and crew.

Some airlines have even started taking inventive new measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in bathrooms.

Japanese airline ANA announced that it is now testing a new hands-free bathroom door, CNN reported.

And Boeing has successfully obtained a patent for a self-cleaning bathroom in which 99.9 percent of germs are cleaned with UV light after each use.

The new advice from China says that the crew should also wear “medical masks, double-layer disposable medical gloves, goggles, disposable hats, disposable protective clothing and disposable shoe covers”.

Further recommendations are the division of the cabin into “cleaning area, buffer zone, passenger seating area and quarantine area”, which are separated by one-way curtains.



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