New Hampshire legislature blames peers for the COVID-19 death of the Speaker of Parliament

Rep. Dick Hinch, the newly elected Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has died of COVID-19. His colleagues accuse each other.

The 71-year-old Republican was sworn in at an outdoor ceremony on December 2, during which large numbers of his Conservative counterparts did not wear masks.

“Hinch created a separate seating area for the 80 or so Republicans who refused to wear masks when all the elected members of the House took the oath of office,” said the New Hampshire union leader.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu described Hinch’s death as a “tragic and cautionary story” of ignoring personal precautions against pandemics. “For those who are out there doing the opposite just to make a ridiculous political point, it is terribly wrong,” Sununu said at a press conference yesterday.

Some have blamed the ruthless lawmakers more explicitly for Hinch’s fate.

“Those in our caucus who refused to take precautions are responsible for Dick Hinch’s death,” tweeted Republican MP William M. Marsh, a retired doctor.

It is not clear when or where Hinch discovered the virus. But “in the weeks leading up to his death, Hinch was at the center of a tense controversy between Republican and Democratic lawmakers over GOP members’ lack of compliance with public health guidelines,” notes the Washington Post.

In November, he and other Republican lawmakers were photographed without a mask at several indoor gatherings. One of the November 20 events included a buffet and was responsible for ensuring that at least four lawmakers received COVID-19, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services said.

New Hampshire isn’t the only state where lawmakers have battled COVID-19 outbreaks.

Recently there have been “a number of COVID-19 cases in the Ohio General Assembly,” notes WOSU Radio. Three Pennsylvania lawmakers tested positive for the virus this week, as did Democratic Governor Tom Wolf. Legislation in North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Indiana also reported new cases among lawmakers this week.


The Trump administration executed another person yesterday. Kim Kardashian West and many others had stood up for President Donald Trump to save Brandon Bernard’s life.

Each of these cases was led into the anteroom of the execution chamber by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. When Trump was elected and Obama was a lame duck, my friends asked him to convert these sentences. His lawyer laughed and refused.

– David Menschel (@davidminpdx) December 11, 2020

The federal government under Donald Trump has executed more people in the past few months than in the previous 60 years. The death penalty is inhuman and flawed. No government should have that power. It’s time to #AbolishTheDeathPenalty.

– Justin Amash (@justinamash) December 11, 2020


Maggie McNeill explains the move to get credit card companies to stop doing business with Pornhub. Yesterday, Mastercard and Visa “announced that customers would no longer be allowed to use their cards on the adult Pornoub website. This new policy was triggered by political pressure, making it the latest government win in a lengthy, censored search,” writes McNeill.

How quickly people forget that @pornhub was completely free … and they still made millions in a day! All of their ads! Taking away Visa and MasterCard is only harming individual developers and the industry.

– Alana Evans (@alanaevansxxx) December 10, 2020

This isn’t the first time we’re here …


How are you going to give this to politicians who have not taken office in a year where doctors risked their lives on a grand scale and vaccine researchers triumphed at unprecedented speed? The cult of the presidency that @GeneHealy wrote so well about is as alive as ever.

– Conor Friedersdorf (@ conor64) December 11, 2020

“Operation Underground Railroad thrived in the age of QAnon,” notes Vice. “But not all of his stories stand up to scrutiny.” Stop saying “Lockdown ain’t that hard,” Bonnie pleads with Kristian. Ohio lawmakers passed a law requiring aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated. “First-degree offense punishment legislation requires abortion clinics to pay for cremations and funerals, and gives pregnant women a chance to choose how their remains should be disposed of,” notes A new paper in Personality and Individual Differences magazine suggests “that victims are a stable and meaningful personality tendency”.

Minneapolis City Council, which tried and failed to dismantle the police department after the death of George Floyd, voted early Thursday to shift nearly $ 8 million from the next year’s police budget to other city services for the public “Transforming” security in the city.

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