Wicker votes for the advancement of the National Defense Bill

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., A senior member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, today commended the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2021. Among other things, the critical legislation will approve all funding for the U.S. military, including Troop remuneration and services, procurement of equipment and ammunition and operating costs.

“The passing of the National Defense Authorization Act for the 60th consecutive year is a huge win for the American military,” said Wicker. ‚ÄúThis legislation guarantees a well-deserved pay raise for our troops while making investments in military manufacturing and research, which are vital to defending American interests and ensuring that our military might remains unrivaled. This proposal will also support the livelihoods of the thousands of Mississippi residents who build and support the ships, planes, vehicles, ammunition, and other equipment that our forces use on a daily basis. “

Legislation would approve a total of $ 740.5 billion for national defense, in line with the 2019 bipartisan budget agreement. Among other things, it would also include a 3 percent pay increase for all members of the armed forces and $ 23.4 billion for the U.S. Navy’s shipbuilding plan.

The defense proposal will:

Assisted Wicker in implementing the SHIPS Act, which made it the policy of the United States to acquire a fleet of 355 ships as soon as possible. Re-authorize the US Coast Guard and give Coast Guard members and their families retirement parity. Re-authorize key parts of the Maritime Administration, which is responsible for the American water transport system and logistically supports the US armed forces. Support military family readiness by advocating for the employment of military spouses and ensuring the department provides quality and accessible childcare. Support the entire government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure troops have adequate diagnostic equipment, testing skills and personal protective equipment. Make sure previous reforms to the military privatized housing program are implemented. Improve the Pentagon’s management of the budget and make the process more transparent and accountable to Congress and the American people. Strengthens America’s national defense supply chain and reduces reliance on foreign adversaries like China for mission-critical components such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Add a change led by Wicker to create a nationwide response to spectrum management.


Release of Senator Roger Wicker.

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