A simple explanation of what parity means in the context of Brexit negotiations …

Good use of Northern Irish history to illustrate one aspect of the UK-EU negotiations from IJP …

Nobody denies that at the end of the transition period, Britain could have its own regulations and trade standards as a sovereign state in just three weeks. However, the deal being offered stipulates that if it chooses to do so, it will be liable for all costs (i.e. the tariffs on all goods and services relocated in and out of the EU, as well as the additional establishment of a separate trade Stores elsewhere). In other words, if the UK wants to be part of the EU Single Market Club and take full advantage of a common free trade area, it has to play by the same rules.

According to recent statements by Taoiseach Micheál Martin, there is only 2 or 3% of the deal left to negotiate, so the difference between a deal and no deal at this stage is so small that they are still brave.If you ask for a no deal, you know that there is a large safety net underneath.

As The Dissenter and Owen Polley noted on this excellent PoliticalOD podcast, regardless of where the negotiations are now, not much is done, whether there is a deal or not, by the deadline (note the discussion about the lack of realism in the South):

Note the discussion about the lack of realism in the public debate south of the border …

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