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Psychopaths, one trait – falsely accusing others of doing things for which they are their own fault. You see it so often in public life that it hardly registers. One of my favorite complaints is hysterical little English people raving about the EU using false arguments (not that I’m a huge fan of it) that reflect the real realities of Scotland in the UK. It could be a good Indyposterboy project, “If the EU treats England as the UK treats Scotland”.

– So had the unfortunate experience of seeing a few minutes of Question Time the other day; Julie Hartley Brewer – she was angry and hissed in moral indignation about what the bad Europeans had done to “this country” (England and not all of England, only certain parts of where I live; the north was irrelevant and a good one, by the way Thing) and how

We have to take back our sovereignty

– so that we can be “free” again. How free can you ever be when you import 40% of your groceries? And “your” economy consists of oil below (ours), with money laundering above and next to everything in between. Does she think the “free market” will bring back production and all the good jobs? Are you struggling to negotiate with the EU’s slack wrists? – Let’s see how you feel about the Americans or the Chinese.

This woman is supposed to be a journalist? – and raised decently somewhere, but her understanding of the story seems straight out of a daily mail screamer.

Personally, she flashed in her eyes and almost spat – as if a German had thrown her on a pinball machine while a Frenchman was amusing and a Belgian played the joker … then a tranny had her forensic examination; The tranny is a Spaniard or an eyelet without wearing a glove.

Stupid people like this write checks they can’t afford, but the Bank of the Scottish People are expected to cash in on them. ALL YOUR RESOURCES ARE OUR OWN. The scary thing is – their views seem typical of Central England. JHB and many others like her work with a highly selective moral myopia that is associated with a field of distorted reality. For them the EU poses a serious threat and burden to the UK and treats us with “disrespect”, while – Scotland is an integral part of the UK and has benefited massively from it … we also love our “jocks”, like pets, except when they do misbehaving (1745, 1820, 1919,? 2021)

– You can’t argue with people like that, that is, with most of England, including the “English Left” (FUCK THE ENGLISH LEFT!), So you have to go and get out now. Scottish leaders deserving of this title would recognize the desperate nature of this fact and would do anything to save us. it’s that simple – I mean, London and the South East are protected at all costs, and when necessary, “the extremities are sacrificed”. That’s us – for slow thinking.

The cartoon is good, but it needs a hamish – a life jacket that Boris is trying to steal.

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