Attorneys General aiming to overthrow the elections praise SCOTUS for taking junk lawsuit in Texas

Attorneys-general in at least three battlefield states attacked in a brazen and increasingly desperate lawsuit from Texas to wage war on American democracy by questioning election results in their states were delighted on Friday when the Supreme Court of the USA shot down the effort.

“We have a court that went through what this president was trying to do in this country, and instead of taking its side, the court took its side with the rule of law,” Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro said on Friday across from CNN’s Chris Cuomo. We applaud the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the far-fetched lawsuit aimed at casting millions of votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

The comments came after the US Supreme Court said Friday that Texas had failed to meet procedural thresholds that would warrant the court’s review of a lawsuit examining the election results in the four major swing states that President-elect Joe was Biden had won should be questioned.

The Supreme Court said Friday, in unsigned order, that Texas had no standing and “showed no judicial interest in the way another state conducts its elections” after Texas tried to prevent those states from voting theirs Casting votes for Biden, and instead shifting electoral selection to GOP-controlled state legislatures.

Shapiro said Friday that while he was “pleased” with the decision, he was also troubled and baffled by the premise of the effort – backed by the Trump campaign, 18 attorneys general and more than 100 GOP congressmen – how many “jumped on a junk process so quickly. “

“We have a court that has looked through what this president is trying to do in this country and instead of taking his side, the court has taken the rule of law.”

– Pennsylvania AG’s Josh Shapiro of the Supreme Court rejected the GOP’s offer to overturn the election.

– Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) December 12, 2020

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul was noted in his criticism as he celebrated the court’s rejection of the lawsuit on Friday. The Wisconsin official appeared to be cracking down on GOPers targeting elections in his state when he tweeted that “an alarmingly large number” of Republicans were trying to take control of the electorate.

I am delighted that the US Supreme Court was quick to deny the motion by the Texas AG, the President, and a worryingly large number of Republican AG and Congressmen to take power away from millions of voters and turn them over to politicians.

– Attorney General Josh Kaul (@WisDOJ) December 12, 2020

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel said on Friday Trump’s post-election efforts to cheat votes with a “Friday the 13th” Film implied the ruling was evident in their state and others who disobeyed federal law were repeated as “without” following allegations in dozens of pre-Texas lawsuits claiming elections Merit ”decided.

“If it is Regional or federal court, whether They were judges who were appointed by Democrats or Judges that were appointed by Republicans, found them all These complaints were without Merit, ”said MSNBC’s Nessel Ali Velshi during an interview on Friday evening, praising the Supreme Court’s decision.

Nettles comments come after she made a statement on Friday The Supreme Court order was a reminder that “some may bow to the wishes of a single person, but the courts will not”. In the statement she pushed Americans should “move forward” as a United States rather than as divisive political factions, despite the ongoing and unfounded attacks on democracy by President Trump and his GOP allies.

The White House, angry at the majority vote, immediately began flooding conservative news networks with a counter-narrative.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany accused the Supreme Court of missing the opportunity to defend the Constitution.

“You dodged. They hid behind the trial and refused to use their authority to enforce the constitution, ”McEnany told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Friday.

Despite expressing disappointment at the majority vote on what he once called “the big one,” Trump tweeted early Saturday that he had “ONLY STARTED TO FIGHT.”

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani expressed a similar sentiment, telling Newsmax in an interview on Friday that the move wasn’t over yet.

“We’re not done yet, believe me,” said Giuliani.

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