Falls Church, Virginia School Board Cancels Thomas Jefferson

My newest in PJ Media:

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the School Board of Falls Church, Virginia, approved the renaming of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and George Mason High School, replacing the names of these Founding Fathers with the names of people more alert and more acceptable to the avant-garde today’s cultural revolution.

Greg Anderson, chairman of the school board, undoubtedly addressed the usual piety: “The school board took the views and concerns of many students, parents, staff and community members seriously.” Unless, according to WTOP, “a survey conducted in October of the Ward Falls Church found that 56% of the community as a whole requested that the names remain in schools, including 61% of parents of Thomas Jefferson Elementary students and 57% of parents of George Mason High. “But their points of view didn’t matter. As always, the only issues that mattered were those of the rioted mob.

Didn’t get the old adage that it is better to be silent and mistaken for a fool than to open your mouth and prove it, and went on, “We thank everyone who has shared their perspectives with us, and will take into account your comments like now. Start by choosing names that reflect the diversity of opinion in our community. “- with the exception of the opinions of the majority, who thought Thomas Jefferson and George Mason were good names and need not be changed. “Our schools need to be places where all students, staff and community members feel safe, supported and inspired.” Except for those who respect and adore the Founding Fathers.

And so the enemies of American history and America itself, to reject one and reject the other, achieve another victory. If his anti-fraud Joe Biden manages to win the presidency through massive electoral fraud, it will hardly matter anyway, but America can only have a future as a free society if its people have a deep appreciation for and pride in its heroes Achievements regained. Indeed, it was because of this that the left began a devastating frenzy with its statue, tearing down statues not only of Confederates but also of Lincoln, Grant and even Frederick Douglass. They want to shame you of American history so that you don’t see anything in America worth defending as the country continues to be under attack from inside and outside and useful idiots like Greg Anderson are helping the destroyers.

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