Grassley Hammers ‘Liberal Media’ for ignoring the Hunter Biden investigation

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in a speech in the Senate on Thursday beat up Democrats and the “liberal media” saying that both groups ignored his committee’s report on Hunter Biden’s suspicious business dealings, the aspects of which appear to be confirmed Wednesday The President-Elect’s son has confirmed that he is under federal investigations.

“We have shown our work and published our results, but the liberal media and Democrats have chosen to reject it. They even falsely claimed that our work was Russian disinformation to protect the Bidens, ”Grassley said in his speech.

He was referring to an investigation by the Senate Finance Committees and Senate Homeland Security into Hunter Biden’s business activities in Ukraine and China.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden released a statement from his father’s transition team that he was informed this week that he is the target of an investigation led by the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware. Biden said his “tax matters” are being investigated.

A source familiar with the investigation told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the investigation began in 2018, long before Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign and before the Senate investigated Hunter Biden.

Grassley, chairman of the finance committee, and Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Chairman of the homeland security committee, released a report on Sept. 23, showing that Biden has received millions of dollars in referrals from overseas corporations for which U.S. authorities reported had possible criminal activity.

The report revealed that Biden and his business partners used a complex system of holding companies, shell companies, and law firms to advise on business with companies in Ukraine and China, as well as with a Russian billionaire named Elena Baturina.

Republicans said their findings raised “criminal financial, counter-espionage and extortion concerns” regarding Biden’s business relationships.

Apart from reporting in the conservative media, the report received little media attention.

Politico wrote a story on the report entitled, “The GOP Senators’ Anti-Biden Report Repackages Old Claims.”

“Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley’s interim report is largely based on previously known information,” reads the story’s headline.

Most of the major media outlets censored coverage of another development in the Hunter Biden saga. Outlets such as CNN and NPR made editorial decisions not to cover aspects of a story first reported by the New York Post on October 14th regarding email from a laptop allegedly owned by Biden.

NPR announced on Oct. 22 that it would not cover Biden’s laptop, saying the organization “didn’t want to waste listeners and readers’ time on stories that are just distractions”.

CNN’s political director David Chailian told staff during a conference call on the day of the Post report that the network would not cover Biden’s laptop story.

“Obviously, we are not currently following the New York Post story on Hunter Biden,” Chalian said during the conference call recorded by activist group Project Veritas.

Grassley and Johnson did not rely on information from the Biden laptop in their investigation, but much of the email on the computer concerned much of the business activity discussed in the Senate report.

Prominent Democrats earlier this year accused Grassley and Johnson of promoting Russia’s disinformation about Hunter Biden’s business activities in order to undermine his father’s political campaign.

“The same liberal outlets that belittled our investigation are now reporting that Hunter Biden’s financial operations in China raised counter-espionage concerns,” said Grassley.

CNN reported Wednesday that the Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes and investigating him for possible money laundering related to doing business with Chinese companies.

One focus is Biden’s partnership with CEFC China Energy, a large energy conglomerate whose chairman had ties to the People’s Liberation Army.

As of August 2017, CEFC transferred $ 5 million to a company affiliated with Hunter Biden. According to the Grassley and Johnson report, US regulators reported some of the remittances for possible criminal activity.

CEFC also paid the younger Biden $ 1 million for legal services for Patrick Ho, a CEFC executive who was convicted in the US for bribing African politicians to win mining contracts.

“It is outrageous that the Fourth Estate is ignoring facts when exposed by Republicans,” Grassley said.

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