Most of us have such small problems. Emma, ​​Elena and Samantha have unimaginable things

In a year of global calamity and national tragedy, with 300,000 deaths from the virus in the US and millions more abroad, even against that backdrop, some horrific events stand out as heartbreaking.

Three young sisters – Emma, ​​Elena, and Samantha Saldana Andrade – were wearing their Christmas pajamas and were driving with their mom and dad to see the lights of Newport Beach when a driver who was under the influence hit the car and mom and papa killed. Henry Saldana-Mejia and his wife Gabriela Andrade were 27 and 29. Henry went to the resort where he was working on both of his jobs to pick up a paycheck. One of the girls is in surgery while I type this, the other two in severe condition with broken bones and other injuries.

Brett Nemeth, a lawyer I met many times in my Orange County years, set up the Go Fund Me for the girls. I called and spoke to him only to confirm that it was an account he was managing for the girls. It is. Of course you pray for the family, but if you can save part of your Christmas budget for these three orphans, donate here. Many thanks.

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